How to Add Feedburner Recent Comment widget On Blogger

How to Add Feedburner Recent Comment widget On Blogger

Feedbuner helps you as a Blogger to deliver your blog content daily or at your preferred time.
Below are tips on how to add feedburner recent comments widget to your blogger blog.


You have to burn your comment first using feedburner
Step 1
First you need to have a feedburner account or if you have already then you can continue with the process.

Step 2
Now on the feedburner page you will have to add your feed URL inside the feed box

Eg.     http://BLOG-DESCRIPTION.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

Step 3
Make sure you change the BLOG-DESCRIPTION. And then click on the next button ( ⏩) and then move to a new page.

Step 4
Now you will give some options to fill just fill then and click on the next button (⏩) you have burnt your comment feed successfully.

Step 5
Above the feedburner page you will find publicize button  click on it.

Step 6
You will be taking to a page check the left sidebar and click on buzzboost and then tap on the activate button and fill the options been given to you.

Step 7
Now finally click on the save button and then copy the HTML code.

Now without much stress go to your blogger blog
Click layout>>>add gadget >>>click on HTML JavaScript gadget and then paste the code inside and then save it that's all. Reload your blog to check it out.

Incase you have any difficulty in performing this tutorial feel free drop your comment below thanks.

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  1. thank for this post about using feedburner. it is really useful i think.