Logo is a symbol or creative design formed in  such a way that will identify your company or ministry.
The reason why i choose to bring this tutorial is because most of the upcoming bloggers find it difficult to add it to their blog,
So all you ou need to do is to follow this steps slowly.

Step 1
Login to your blogger account and then select your blog you want to work on.

Step 2
Now create a good and attractive logo and save it on the system or smartphone.

Step 3
Now scroll your mouse down and click on the layout button.

Step 4
Now click on header gadget it is located at the top below the navbar gadget.Image

Step 5
After clicking on the Header gadget you will be given a new pop up window were you will need to upload the image or logo.


Step 6
Now after uploading the logo click on shrink to fit so as to make your logo suitable for you blog header length.

Step 7
Now finally click on the save button below and that's all you need.

Feel free drop your comment below thanks.


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  2. i was trying to man-over my favicon up to the header.. seems to be a lot of work..

  3. This is nice post. This will help a lot of upcoming bloggers on how to add logo to their blog

  4. And there goes how to upload a logo. Additionally, you must have it in mind to set your logo to a certain dimension so it wont be too wide when you upload it

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