How To Add Music To Your Google Presentation Using Links

Adding music to your Google presentation account is very easy and has great importance, most times people find it difficult to add music to their google presentation.
Below are some easy steps on how to add music to your Google presentation using link.

Step 1
First you need to visit the google presentation page by clicking here

Step 2
Then on your google presentation click on on the ➕ button below at the right side.

Step 3
Then create another tab on your browser and go to you favorite music or video clips and make sure that the site stream live or offline.

Step 4
Then copy your favorite music or video clip URL  and keep it save.

Step 5
Now return to your Google presentation page and then click the text button above.

Step 6
Then paste your link on the text field slide and then click on view button form the menu and select present.

Now you can now view or play your video or music.
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