How To Apply for Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads

How To Apply for Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads

Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads  is a program that is being created to assist there advertisers to gain more audience on any ads the create.
The Facebook Audience Network (Fan) is basically ment for apps and website and there are step which you need to follow before you can be approved.

Don't be surprised that this fan ads you are hearing about today might become more official than google ads, if you can remember when google adsense came out newly it was very easy for you to be approved so why don't you use this opportunity.
Below I will be giving you a few steps on how to apply for fan ads.

Step 1
You need a Facebook account if you have then click here if you don't have you can learn how to create a Facebook account here.

Step 2
Now you need to have a Facebook app ID if you have already then click on start now button labeled green or if you don't have you can learn how to create a Facebook app ID

Step 3
After clicking on start now button now you will be given a pop up box to select your preferred Facebook ID after the selection click  continue.Image

Step 4
Now on the the main fan page there are different steps which you need to take

Placement of ads

Step 5
Just click on placement then create your ad unit the click on the save button below.


Step 6
Click on get code if you  want to place the ads on a mobile apps

But if you are placing it on your website or blog click on Get HTML

Step 7
Now copy the code and place it on your website and that all you need to do .

Just sit calm and wait for the approval message.

As for the payout tab you don't need to worry if you don't have the details yet you add will display until it reaches $100 then it will stop displaying on your website.
I hope this will really help you alot don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.


  1. Nice tips,i just applied now an have placed d code on ma blog,

    Do dey pay
    Wen it reach 100 dollar wont d app show again...i blog chikatara.com

    1. Yeah actually the pay when your earnings is upto $100 and the pay every 21th of every month and when applying if you don't have your payment details yet you can wait but when it reaches that $100 it stops displaying

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  3. FAN Ads displays just like AdSense, I want them to give AdSense a big competition.

    They are live on my blog: www.lasgidionline.com.ng u can check it out.

    1. Yeah no mind Google the thought mark don't have plan more than them, anyway let watch and see who leads

  4. Replies
    1. The approval message will be sent to your developer alert which is located in your app dashboard or you will receive an email with 14 business days

  5. DONE, the good news i was approved within 5mins butthe sad news is when trying to add payout it ask for tax id which i dont have, what can i do?
    i rep Zeal Healthclinic