Checking a domain age helps in increasing your determination towards your website or blog, if you have a domain name that is upto 5YEARS I think that domain name should have a page rank of 3 and above and most times you might be lucky to given a domain name as a gift which you don't know the date that the domain was purchased.

Purchasing Domain is not the problem but how long can you keep and manage it is the main problem, your determination should not drop at all because you don't know what that domain might become tomorrow, when i was checking the net I discover that there was a man who bought a domain name for 12 dollars was be given millions of dollars just to collect it back hmm that sounds good right?
Below I will show you how to check your domain age with just some few steps.


==> The first thing you need to do id is to navigate to their site by clicking here

==> Then on the site you will be given a box only ment for 10 URL ml so insert.

==> Now you need to perform the image verification and then click continue

==> Now wait for 1 to 2 minutes then you will then see your domain name details.

It is risk free and the domain results or history  is analyzed from WHOIS.

I hope this will increase your zeal towards blogging or being a webmaster, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.