How To Delete Your Blogger Blog

How To Delete Your Blogger Blog

Blogger  allows you to create at list 100 blogs in one Google account which is a very nice and wonderful privilege for bloggers.
Deleting your blog must time might be for different reasons, before you do such process you can create a backup if you have important files in that your blog.
This process am am to teach you will help you delete your blog permanently without risk so just follow the steps below.

Step 1
Login to your blogger account and then select the blog which you want to delete.

Step 2
Then scroll your mouse down to the settings tab and then click on it once.

Step 3
Click on others then you will be given three options to select just click on delete.

Step 4
After clicking on the Delete blog tab you will be given another option if you would like to backup your blog before deleting it.

Step 5
But if you choose not to create a backup just click on the Delete button and the you will be given a congratulation message and that's all you need.

I hope this tutorial will help you, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.


  1. Mathias:

    Every time I find a post like this it is always telling me to go to Settings tab and then to Delete.

    However, my interface (genkyfranky.blogspot.com) has no such interface to find a Settings tab.

    What can you tell me to help me permanently delete this Blog permanently.


    Thanks much.

    1. Hello if you are really finding it difficult or impossible to delete your blog through this process why not lay it here and it will be solved


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