How To Display Blogger Poll Widget On Every Blog Posts

How To Display Blogger Poll Widget On Every Blog Posts

Blogger has made blogging more easier for business men and women today with different wonderful features. Adding a poll widget to your posts most times has a great part to play remember it is always located at the sidebar but today am going to give you a brief tutorial on how to display blogger poll widget on every blog posts.

Step 1
Visit your blogger account and then click on the blog you want to work on from the dashboard.

Step 2
Now scroll your mouse down and then click on template and then click Edit HTML.

Step 3
Click on CTRL+F and then search for this code below.


Step 4
Then after searching for the above code now check below or above that  area you will find a code like the code below copy it.

<iframe allowtransparency='try
e'frameborder='0' height='180' name='poll-widget-1533663100889025859'
%2F' style='border:none;
width: 100%;'></Iframe>

Step 5
Place the code code in any of your blog post HTML and now you can remove it from the sidebar.

That's all you need, I hope this tutorial will help you out.
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