How To Enable Post Approval Before Displaying Them On Your Facebook Group

Facebook the number one leading social network platform, Facebook group can be more official if you enable the post approval settings so that any post being published by your group members will undergo approval process.
Activating this makes your group spam free so before you do such process make sure you have at list 2 admins.
So today am going to teach you how to enable Post approval before displaying them on your Facebook group.


Step 1
First  login to your Facebook account or if you don’t have you can learn how to create a Facebook account here.

Step 2
Now move your mouse to the top of you profile page and click on the gear button.

Step 3
After clicking on the gear button select edit group settings from the menu.

Step 4
Then you will taken to the group settings page all you need to do is to enable the check box lebelled post approval

Step 5
Now click on the save tab below and that’s all you need to do, anytime your group member post it will be pin for approval.

I hope this tutorial has done some changes in your Facebook group, feel free if you have any question drop it below thanks.

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