How To Insert Skype Contact Widget On Your Blogger Blog

How To Insert Skype Contact Widget On Your Blogger Blog

Skype is a large platform use to communicate with your family and friends and it has a great importance but it's not that popular like Facebook.
Adding the Skype contact widget is not a bad idea.
Below are some simple steps on how to add the Skype contact widget to your blogger blog.

Step 1
 First you will have to visit the Skype developers page 

Step 2
Now you will need to insert your Skype id  this will help you get automatic notification.

Step 3
Now choose if you would like call or chat from your visitors by clicking on the check box then do some little Customization to your widget.

Step 4
Copy the html code from that page.

Step 5
Goto to your blogger dashbord an then select the blog you would like to use.

Step 6
Now click on the layout button and then click on add gadget.

Step 7
Now copy this code and insert it in that html/java script box and then click on the save button below.

And that's all you can now receive call from your visitors or chat and get automatic notification.
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