How To Install Template On Your Joomla Website

How To Install Template On Your Joomla Website

Joomla is a platform designed to enable you as a webmaster build your own website and earn from it. Most times I also love the Joomla site because if the graphics and how it is been arranged with good designs and designing your Joomla site has to do with a good template and you must know how to use it so that you won't make any mistakes.
This template most of them are free online but u don't think you can find the best online or if you can create for yourself better.

Below I will be given you some brief steps on how to install template on your joomla website

Step 1
First login to your account which is the administration section by inserting your username and password.

Step 2
Then on your administration page top you will find a tab lebelled Extensions click it once then choose the extension manager.

Step 3
After clicking in the extension manager  aa new page will be created then select your preferred installation method which are upload package file, install from url, install from directory.Image

Step 4
Now after the template installation by your preferred method you will have to verify it by clicking on manage to arrange the filter then search for your template on the list.

Step 5
Then on click on the check box beside the template do as to enable it the check box look like a star.Image

And that's all you need, I hope this will help you be that successful webmaster you hope to be one day just do us favour by dropping a comment below thank you.