How To Make Your Post Images SEO Friendly

How To Make Your Post Images SEO Friendly

Most times you will find out that most bloggers who does copy and paste doesn't have that thinking of make any of there image friendly to search which is very important.

It does not only up discovering your image on search but this will also increase your blog visitors and make it  rank higher, if you have the zeal to blog why not follow some little step which I have for you below.

Image on search engine


1. Now you have to get your images ready to upload.

2. Click here to go to the pisaca

3. Now upload to pisaca and then you will be given the html code of that Image just like this


4. Then all you need to do now is to do some little addition to it

src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/--_6Od9Fchhw/Vj9GHK2sm8I/AAAAAAAAA8o/30pnOz3_p_w/s1600/mr%2Bzealous.jpg"/> alt="image title"/>


If you want to do it fast when adding your images to your post all you need to do is to

click on the image and then you will be given some options below.

• Just click on properties and add your imge description and that is you need.Add image properties

And that is all you need to do in placing alt tags to your post images and google will be sleeping on blog traffic.

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