How To Setup a Facebook Ads

Facebook ads has a great meaning and it brings about having more progress in what ever business you want to advertise on Facebook but most times I don’t advice my young bloggers to go into ads on facebook just because the need more views on their blog it is better you work hard and don’t look for fast means.
Facebook ads image

Today am going to give you a welcome tutorial into facebook ads, I think this is our first topic pointing to facebook so just follow the steps carefully.

Step 1
Login into your Facebook account or if you don’t have an account create one.

Make sure you have a Facebook account before you start doing the Facebook ads

Step 2
Now click here to navigate to the Facebook ads page on that page click create advert.

Create Facebook ads

Step 3
Now choose the a name and your category for your business ads  and  image you will have to upload your business image that will stand for the ads or if it is an organization you can just upload your logo.

Step 4
Add a cover image or logo to it and then add your advert description.

Step 5
Now insert your website or blog address this will enable your customers to know more about your brand.

Step 6
Finally your  Post can now  start reaching out to your friends, customers and family members and make sure your Post is well optimized.

That’s all my next post on this will be how to  target your ads.
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