How to Stop Ads on Google Chrome Using Adblock

How to Stop Ads on Google Chrome Using Adblock

Adblock is an extension designed to enable the removal of unwanted ads that display anyhow on your browser must especially pop ads. You can still use your chrome in order to stop or remove the ads but the adblock extension is the best.
Adblock image

There are many methods in which you need to follow in order to perform this tutorial but we are going to base on only one method today.

Step 1
First before performing this make sure you have a fast working network. Open your chrome browser and then click here

Step 2
Then after clicking on the link above you will see a +free tab click it to install a new extension.

Step 3
After the installation check at the right side you will see a new icon just click it.

Step 4
After clicking on the icon select block ad on this page and then highlight the ads in blue and then move your slider until that ads disappear from the page.

Step 5
Now click on looks good this will block the ads for ever.

Step 6
Then you need to do some changes in the miscellaneous option just click the icon and then  you will be given different options like YouTube channel support, advance options etc.

Step 7
Now click on the icon again and then  select filter list at the top click update now.

Step 8
Finally you can now enable ads  if you like like it just click on the icon and then choose pause adblock.

That's all you need I hope this tutorial really helped you? If you have any questions concerning this feel free to drop your comment below thanks.