Facebook  has made many online business men and women to be able to advertise their product or service to a targeted location.


For instance if your shop is in Abuja or you are an online business man or woman in Abuja all you need to do is to target your ads location to people living around or with Abuja depending on how long you choose to pay for the adverts on Facebook.
Also most people use Facebook as there source of traffic which is okay.
Si today am going to teach you how to target your Facebook Ads so as to create more audience.

Point 1
When creating your Facebook Ads you need to have a well designed image for your product or service, because we have people that prefer image than writings so create your product image.

Point 2
Now login to your facebook account  and the on your homepage click on sponsored it is located at the right side then you will now create your Facebook ads with a befitting design normally when doing the design there will be a preview for you so all you need is to create an check how it will look like on the Facebook news feed.

Point 3
When doing the Facebook Ads there are many options that are being given to you like what is your purpose of creating this ads? It can be for your blog or to create more Facebook page like.
Make it in such a way that when people sees it the will branch by to click or like.

Point 4
Now choose were your ads will be displayed the location and make sure that your product or blog post or any can add value to the people leaving in that region.
And when your are selecting the region you will be given statistics of the amount if people which you can reach in that location.

Point 5
The ads has different ways which the payment are being charged cpm or ppc but I would encourage you to go for ppc so as to maintain your finance. Then you can then review and order for it.
With your master card  you can do it or you can use PayPal.

And that's all you need hope this will increase your product advert target, don't forget to drop your comment below before leaving thanks.