How To Upgrade Your Joomla Version

How To Upgrade Your Joomla Version

Joomla is a platform created for web designers so as to develop their own website from it and it has well customized templates and which gives you fabulous framework.
This issue of upgrading your Joomla version can result as a form of new development and also must times you discover some bugs, upgrading will not cost you all you need is a full internet connection.
Just follow the steps below.

Step 1
Joomla has different version so before upgrading you need to know your present version so just look at the top of your administration page you will find a number which is your version number.

Step 2
Now you need to download any new version for upgrading, you can get one here.

Step 3
Now on your computer use the file unziper to unzip the new file that you downloaded.

Step 4
Now use an file transfer protocol to upload the file to your web server. And that's all you need.

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