How To Use Hootsuite To Distribute Your Blog Post Inevitably (automatically)

How To Use Hootsuite To Distribute Your Blog Post Inevitably (automatically)

Hotsuit is the best blog post auto distributor that display the right post thumbnail on your social accounts.
We have many social auto blog post distributors which is listed below.

• dlvr.it
• Twitter feed
• RSS Graffiti
• Networkedblog

All of them are perfect and doesn't have any risk to your Facebook or other social account.
Today I will will be teaching you on how to use hotsuit to distribute your blog post inevitably.
Just follow the steps below.

Step 1
First you have to go to the hotsuit web page Login to your account or if you don't have an account yet you can still create your's immediately by signing up.

Step 2
Then after login into your account, then on your dashboard move your mouse to the top left corner your will find a tab labeled Add social Networks just click on it.

Step 3
Then you will be given a new window were you will have to choose your preferred social media platform.

Step 4
Now click on the publisher button at the left side

Step 5
Now on the publisher page click on RSS Feeds then a new window will be given to you just click on the   ➕ button above.

Step 6
Now get your blog RSS feed URL and paste it were you are ask to insert it then select your social accounts then hit the save button.

 After the whole process your can do some little settings like increasing your Post per day and also you can on or off any account from receiving blog post by clicking the green button.

That's all you need I hope this will make things more easier for you as a bloggerblogger

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