Unsync Your Tumblr Account From Your Twitter Account

Tumblr is a platform ment for blogging just like Blogger and WordPress but the difference there is that there is that it is a microblogging platform and it closer to twitter.


and if you notice photo bloggers are mostly found on this platform and discussions or interactions on tumblr is  by reblog or like.
If your tumblr account sync to any social account it will be nice if you unsync to avoid too much notification.

Today I will be tell you how to unsync your tumblr account from your twitter account, this might be difficult but with this steps you will solve your problem.

Step 1
Login to your twitter account using a desktop computer .

Step 2
Now on your twitter account homepage click on settings button at the top then >> click application then start removing all those apps you don’t like.

Step 3
Now create a new tab on your browser and  login to your tumblr account and then click in your description

Step 4
Now click on the settings tab and then uncheck your twitter box and then click on the save button.

Step 5
Finally all you need to do now is to try posting on your blog to check how it goes by refreshing your twitter profile.

I hope this tutorial will help you, incase you have any question feel free drop it below thanks.

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