Zealmatblog 2016 Domain Name Award Winner

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The zealmat team are happy to inform all our wonderful viewers that the D-day is here and we are happy to present to you the qualified winner of the zealmatblog 2016 domain award.

The date which was scheduled for the conclusion was extended to today which is 15-02-2016, and we did one on one interview with some of the nominees and we were able to get one lucky winner.

This award is designed to help the young and vibrant beginners in the blogging sphere, this activity started since last year, date 12-12-2015.

Let me introduce to you the winner of the zealmatblog domain name 2016, his name is…….
Yeah so you really want to know who this lucky winner is….  ok
His name is…….
No first when we started this award it was very funny but we have to make this more serious but don’t give up cost next year can be your turn just believe in what you do and have passion for it.

The lucky winner is

Abdulmalik Amodu
Inspirational writer on relationships
We the zealmat team are very happy for the final conclusion of her award for the year 2016, the award was based on regular participation and the zeal you have towards blogging.
The winner will be given a cash  to purchase his/her preffed domain and if he/she can’t we will do it for him/her free with and together with our blog template.
Admin Remark
Thanks to everyone who participate for this award, I know it might be little to those who might be more than me but half bread is better than non, please if you know that you tried your possible best to get this award we say thank you and this will not be the last award, and we are also sorry for the delay of the results it was due to our economic lol but we are happy for this lucky winner, and we also pray that may the lord Almighty continue to strengthen you and your work.
                                    Thank you
                           By: Mathias O. Amodu
                                     CEO zealmat.
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