5 Websites With Free Images For Your Blog Post

5 Websites With Free Images For Your Blog Post

The issue of being independent or avoid copying other images from search results or blog post is here, all you need is to type a little description of the image you intend to use on your blog post and also create an account with them.

Google crawling machine are very sensitive of copied content most especially images and the secret behind this is having a photo on your blog which has never been posted on any blog it makes your post SEO friendly.
This is just like when you have a stranger in your house your parent will focus more on the stranger welfare.

So today am going to reveal to you the best solution to every blog posts.

New old stock (nos)
The new old stock is a  vintage photo  from a public achieve and also free from know copyright restriction.


Food Feed
Food feed is mainly based on food image and this will be the best place to get images for your food blog.

Nice image with search database for cco images.


The lifepix is also a good site for free image and it has no copyright restriction.


This is another public domain photos and it's free


I hope this tutorial will help you, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.


  1. Love It Tho But Din See Any Procedure To This...I Guess Put More Light

    1. Fagboyinbo Oluwatobiloba emmanuel thank you but I don't think the process is very hard just type into the search box your preferred image and that's all thanks

  2. They must not be a procedure in every tutorial post, visit the link and follow it up. Zealmat thank for this wonderful work. I've discovered one things today..

  3. What a nice write-up. This is a great resources for all bloggers. Keep on the good work Amodu

  4. Lifeofpix is one of my favorite ones. You can also add cannypic.com to your list of free image resources. I like to download vector images for my blog from there.