Best Sites to Submit Your RSS Feed

Ok, so I see you are looking to determine “where” to submit your RSS feed. What you are looking for would be called content curation platforms and blog aggregators. Here are some suggestions:


Content Curation Platforms

1) FrontPageIt – New and upcoming platform. They have a feed algorithm that aggregates multiple chosen feeds AND pushes the unread content to the top. The also push an app to their users. Very clean. Free account. Not sure if this is manual or automated RSS.

2) ScoopIt – Basic account is free. More established platform with manual entry into pushing your content. Automatic feed upload may be part of the premium (monthly subscription) offering. Make sure to go into advanced settings to add your tags.

Blog Aggregators

1) Alltop – You can submit your RSS feed to have it included in their blog directory. When you posted a new article, they pick it up real time. Automated. Free.

2) Blogorama – You can submit your RSS feed to have it included in their blog directory. Little bit more hassle in adding some code on your site to help them verify things. Automated. Free.

For more options, just google content curation platforms and blog aggregators. Zip through the blog postings that have lists, go to each site, assess if the free option is automated or manual and get to work. Then when you post something, go to your manual list, login into each one and push the content. By making it into a system, you can do this in probably a few minutes.

Hope this helps don’t forget to drop your comment below.

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