Blog of The Week: Online Counselling Blog

Blog of The week: Online Counselling Blog 


Hello everyone we are happy to present to you our best blog of the week - Online Counselling Blog, a blog ment for everyone and it teaches you how to build your lifestyle/humour and also teach you how to help others with life issues.

Is this blog ment for only counseling?

Yes this blog is the first and best counseling blog that has been screened by our team and actually this blog has rich articles for both adults and teen in the society both for Nigerians and every other country citizens.


How regular is this blog updated daily?

Well this is a counseling blog and not a news blog but I must give them kudos for their wonderful work because the are the best and you can get not less than 3 articles daily.

This blog is proudly owned by An Anonymous Blogger
You can get in touch with them on

Twitter: @OnlineCHob

During the blog review many blog were perfect and suitable for this position but there must be a winner, don't forget next week might be yours so don't give up now.

We would like to inform you out there who will like to be given a chance to be in this type of position as the best blog of week should always drop their blog or website link below for review thank you.
About Author 2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A web Specialist, Blogger, Student and a Business Man
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  1. Congratulations to this Counselling Blog. I hope my blog comes next as blog of the week.

    SAB BLOG is next blog of the week