How Blogging Will Be Like In Nigeria 2020

How Blogging Will Be Like In Nigeria 2020

Before i start let me tell something before 2020 Nigeria will be having not less than 1million bloggers because everyone wants to start this little business which is profitable even for government workers here in Nigeria.

Hello Nigeria bloggers this discussion today is basically going to be like what do you think and what is your determination towards blogging here in Nigeria?
Ok! Let me share this discussion into different segments because we have more than five basic problem that will decrease the improvement of webmasters and bloggers here in Nigeria, and also we have this inpatient attitude towards every activities online just like Adsense, Fiverr, and many other online business related to blogging.


So today I will be giving you a brief description on what blogging in Nigeria will be in the next 4 years.

Most times most people here in nigeria think the are more intelligent than the owners of blogger platform itself, wait what do you think you are? do you know how many engineer's are currently working on over 500 million users on blogger huh! you need to be wise because no food for a lazy Blogger.


The adsense is not a must that you as a blogger will make money from only that angle, today we are having trending discussions about Jiji.ng right also adblabla too why don't you just sign up for this or work hard for this useful opportunity.
My brave advice for you today as a nigerian and also pointing to the  bloggers too, do not focus on money instead try to create audience and help people with your blog post and many other advantage.

Seek for advice
Most bloggers don't seek for advice before starting or creating there own blog.
I have seen many bloggers who change their blog template 3 - 4 times in a week which is very bad.
You can be that great blogger if only you can ask questions to probloggers, the issue most times is that the top bloggers don't want to attained to the upcoming bloggers because the are too busy but to me I don't think being a problogger is for your own welfare only but to other bloggers too.

My kind advice today to the probloggers is that no matter who you are you must know that someone created that blogger or Wordpress platform you are using atlest create 3 hours a day to help others and also to the upcoming Bloggers be polite when talking or chatting that's the secret.

Help companies to advertise products free

If you can do this I promise you the sky is your limit, I won't talk much on this issue by helping companies today will mje them to partner with you someday.

Don't advertise your blogging success in social media

Do you know that your best friend can be your worst enemy?
If you are being given any contract please avoid or don't post it on social media sir/ma because it won't increase but it will spoil you connections with some of your wicked bloggers.

I love Nigeria because I see great feature bloggers amongst us, we should just keep doing the good works but one thing I noticed with some upcoming bloggers who think blogging is all about money huh big lie better work hard and stop looking at Linda ikegi because one thing you need to know about her is that she's a woman so we need to create good nich like tech on how to, phone repair skills and outline, consulting services on your blog and many more.

And I hope this will make you feel good towards wrong attitudes towards blogging ok! I love Nigeria bloggers.


  1. hmmm good start for upcoming blogger like me

  2. You have said it all, thumbs up Mathias.

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  3. Awesome Post, some people need to be trained about Blogging

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