How To Add Alexa Rank Widget On Any Blogger Blog Post Manually

How To Add Alexa Rank Widget On Any Blogger Blog Post Manually

The Alexa rank widget can be placed on any location of your blogger blog, it had been a bit difficult for some people to add it to there post which is very easy, remember the blogger post editor is designed in such a way that you can write in html but the output will look custom according to your coding. Below  am going to teach you on how to add Alexa rank widget on any blogger blog Post manually.

Step 1
Login to your blogger blog and then select the blog you want to add this widget manually to.

Step 2
Now is either you create a new post or your just click on the edit button below the preferred post.

Step 3
Then on the post editor page click on the HTML tab  above at your left hand side just close to compose button.

Step 4
You will be given an HTML version of you content just find for your preferred location were you want it to be and paste the code there.

And that's all you need, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.


  1. Will it show the real alexa rank? cos alexa insist we now pay for them to start ranking us...

  2. bro. this is an informative content on above topic, am happy to be here.

  3. Thank my oga for this tutorial, as usual is very simple and easy to understand. Thank a lot.

  4. Is there any other way to show country rank without payment??