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Definition: Backup is a copy if file or data that is being created or formed incase the file got damaged or lost.
The Joomla website that has being the best way to manage your company and other activities online activities, so with this tutorial you will be able to save guard your website incase of unnecessary stories.

Note:  This tutorial can only be done using the cpanel.

Step 1
First you need to login to your cpanel enter your username and password then click on the return button.

Step 2
Then click on phpMyadmin >>>> then click export from the options.

Step 3
Now select your Joomla name in the export box and also ✔ the save as box and also ✔zipped radio button.

Step 4
Then click on the Go button and select were you will like to save your backup file.

Step 5
Now backup your Joomla file in public_html using file manager icon then click on it.


Step 6
Search for your public_HTML folder and try to put a check✔ in all boxes and click on compress.


Step 7
Then you will see a new file just select the file and download it.

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Step 8
Finally save your file in that same directory and that is all you need to do.

Don’t get to drop your comment below thanks.