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Google has many rules that one has to take so as to enable his/her website to show on Google search results first page. It is not a magic when you see a site on the google search first page.
Over the years I noticed something about google which was backlinks, if you have let’s say 200,000 backlinks and your site is getting to 5 years then you are good to go even without some kind of SEO matters.
Now before you can be successful in everything you do, you must spend time. Do write because you see others writing, don’t copy because you see others copying, don’t buy backlinks because you others buying, you can create backlinks through blog commenting  so why are you so lazy at least 2 hours a day is OK.

Below am going to give you some little knowledge or idea to put into practice so as to make your blog post appear on google first page.


Submit to directory

Directory is the best way to increase your blog or website page rank.
Now I know you will be thinking how to submit your site to directory, yes it’s very simple all you need is to identify your website niche or blog niche don’t just blog anything you see.
We have millions of directories all you need to do is to form a habit of submitting your site to at least 5 directories before sleeping everyday and that’s all.
And also when submitting your site make sure you submit them to good and high page rank directory.

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Research for good keywords

Now must people get to know of  keyword when it comes to google adsense earnings but keyword density towards other aspects is wonderful. So try to search for keyword using Google keyword planner and it very much easier for traffic and also page ranking.
When placing the keywords on any post it must be at the top included in the post topic or the post introduction write up and it should be bold.

Quality content

If you can notice this in your blogger dashboard, when ever you post any article it start counting let’s say on just 3 seconds you already have 4 post count this because of the quality of your article.
And it should not be a copy and paste article or even is you choose to copy try to do some editing and amendments that will make it look good and different and this issue of post quality does not only has to with the total number of words but also with your keywords and phrases.

Create backlinks

If you have backlinks then your website or blog is good to go, just imagine paying $40 for backlinks! Ok I my own understanding the are trying to help but if I must say why don’t you just create time and do some backlinking for your website or blog manually instead of killing your website SEO with harmful backlinks.

Use short topic for your post it is very important  and also a short domain name.

I hope this will boost you blog or website site rank and search engine results.
If you have any question, suggestions feel free drop it below thanks.

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man


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