How To Begin a Joomla Blog Using Easyblog

How To Begin a Joomla Blog Using Easyblog

The Joomla blog is the best even if it is not that popular in our society just like Blogger.
The easyblog is an add-on which enables you handle your contents management system. Remember in blogger you can share your content and many others without the installation of any plugin but with this add-on Joomla will be you one of a kind.


Step 1
First you need to click here so as to download the easyblog  then you will need to create an account with them stackideas.

Step 2
Now on the stackideas page click on the download page for the installation of easyblog

Step 3
Now goto your Joomla site and the click in the extension  with two options install or uninstall.

Step 4
Now after clicking on install  now browse to choose your easyblog  installer.
and it should look similar to this format>>com_easyblog_x_x_x_x_paid_j2.5.zip

Step 5
Now just calm down and  wait for the installation to complete properly and that's all.

I hope this tutorial was helpful, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.