How to Change Your E-mail Preferences on Pinterest

How to Change Your E-mail Preferences on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social platform that enables you connect with your friends and families and it has to do with sharing and posting of photos. This tutorial today is basically ment for those people who have access to their pinterest account but still finding it difficult to modify their email preferences on pinterest,  and when setting it up you will need a computer so that it won't be difficult for you.

So just follow the steps below.

Step 1
Login to your pinterest account using your username and password or if you don't have you can still create a new account there.

Step 2
Now scroll your mouse to the top right corner of your profile page and then click on the gear button which is the settings button.


Step 3
Then on the settings page move down to the email notification then is either you drag to yes or no.

Step 4
Finally click on save settings.


And that's all you need, if you have any questions need assistance in that just feel free contact me thanks.