How to Pay Your Startimes Subscription Using  Quickteller

How to Pay Your Startimes Subscription Using Quickteller

Startimes is a home pay TV service, design for families and organisations to get any updates live.
We have different subscription methods in which you can use in performing your monthly  subscription for startimes but today am going to teach you how to use quickteller to subscribe just follow the steps below carefully.


Steps on how to subscribe for startimes using the quickteller.

Step 1
You will need a master card or a verve card then visit www.quickteller.com/startimes

Step 2
Now register your correct email address and also your real mobile number

Step 3
Then after the registration a message will be sent to your email use the link given to you to activate your account.

Step 4
On the quickteller page select startimes below cable TV BILLS, now fill in your details and wait for confirmation.

Step 5
Now you will be directed to the payment gateway were you will have to select your payment card and provide the details which you will be asked for

Step 6
Finally a receipt will be given to you and it will be sent to your email just wait for 2-7 minutes for payment activation.

If you have any difficulty in performing this feel free to contact me thanks


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