How To Post On Wordpress Blog Using Your Mobile Phone

When I first tried this feature it was just like a magic to me, this  was because the difference between the blogger update and the WordPress update was something funny why? because the blogger you can update your blog using email and now Wordpress using mobile phone! Hmm just follow the steps below on how to post on wordpress blog using your mobile phone.


Step 1
First you will have to login to your Wordpress blog and then click on the my blogs tab.

Step 2
Now you will have to enable the post by voice after enabling the post by voice you will be given a number which you will using in calling your blog.

Step 3
Then add your number to your address book and then call the first number.

Step 4
Now you can now call the number and speak what ever you want to post on your  blog and it support files of 60minutes

Step 5
Finally Just hang up and that's all.

Happy blogging, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.
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  1. To whom it may concern. WordPress users please make judicious use of this.


  2. wow.... wonderful. Reasons to dump blogger. lol