How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

What are the main ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results?
Ok let's move straight to the point


=> First you can start off by improving your profile, and make sure you have a nice and relevant channel art design.

=> Keep posting to your Facebook page that you have posted videos and start to advertise that. Also you want to start a twitter account and advertise both your Facebook page and your Twitter account on your youtube account

=> Also keep it personal. People like it when a Youtuber is personal (Like pewdiepie personal jokes to his community.) People will start to subscribe to your channel and you will later grow because Youtube will start to feature you like (LeafyIsHere) Also what is your youtube channel name? You might want to start posting your youtube/facebook page/twitter account everywhere.

=> You can promote your youtube channel through facebook the best way to promote your product, create a page in facebook at is similar to youtube channel name and also you can create a blogger blog to promote your channels

=> Then also I would recommend researching and reading at least 20 articles on "youtube seo" so you have an unfair advantage on the competition in your niche.

=> You can start by learning more about proper length for video descriptions, video keywords, relevant online communities to share videos, use call to action at the end of videos, and creating keyword rich playlists.

One thing for sure is once you finish studying that many articles on this topic and implementing what you learn and seeing what works, you will be capable of creating an ebook  for the thousands of other people looking for a solution to this problem also every week.

Besides for security you NEED 2 step verification on your account for your youtube channel and use different passwords for your twitter and youtube account. Facebook shouldn't matter.

 If you have any questions or concerns please drop them below thanks.