How to set up a Google plus page

How to set up a Google plus page

Creating a google plus page is a very good idea, it's one of the best way to unite with your business fans.I know you will have a full thought on how is this possible on google plus!!! But you can get this process done within 2 - 3 minutes and you can also customise it the way you want it to look like.so today am going to give you some simple steps on how to create a google plus page, just follow this steps carefully.

Step 1
First you need to visit your google plus account.

Step 2
Now scroll your mouse to the top and click on menu

Step 3
Then on the menu options click on page.


Step 4
You will be given a new button just like like the button below lebelled create new page.

Step 5
Now select your preferred page category you like and then insert your page name and your blog or website URL and that all.


Step 6
Finally click on the continue button  upload your cover photo  for the page.


Feel free if you have any question drop it in the comment box.


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