How To Use E-mail to Update Your Blogger Blog

How To Use E-mail to Update Your Blogger Blog

Blogger is the best but you would prefer Wordpress because of the features right?  This issue if using the email to post to your blog is not a trick but it is being created by google itself.

Hmm I know it might sound funny updating your blog through your email, this email post updating those not have  limit, you  can post the way you like anytime and everywhere as long as there is internet service.

This process is normally known as mail2post  but using the mail2post it will be better if you use the blogger webpage itself cause the mail2post has some missing action.

So now let's start the full tutorial on how to use email to update your blogger blog.

Step 1
First login to your blogger account then select your preferred blog which you will like to perform this task on.

Step 2
Now scroll your mouse down to the settings tab and click on it.

Step 3
Then on the settings drop down menu click on mobile and email tab or presently it is email tab that is shown just click on it.

Step 4
Now enter you will need to enter a secret word which can be use to post to your blog and remember the secret word is  a new email address design for posting.


Step 5
Then below you will find three options which are

• Publish email immediately
• Save email as draft post
• Disabled

Publish email immediately this has to do without any review it is automatically posted.

Save email as draft post has to do with any review it will not be posted automatically until the admin review it before posting.

Disabled >>>>  close

Now your new address will look just like this.
Eg. Name.secret word@blogger.com

Step 6
Finally click on the save settings button above.

Note: using the email address with other contributors will lead to blog deleting by google so try using it personally or with 1 or 2 contributors


  1. Hmmmmmmm you always kill it. This way you can post from your email app. I remain loyal

    1. Haha Abdulmalik Amodu this tutorial has been on my mind for a long time but I just decided to publish it today thanks