Tips on How To Get Online Business Partners

Tips on How To Get Online Business Partners

One good thing about business is that  you have to be nice and honest to your partners so as to succeed. Is it possible to partner with another person you meet online for a website business? For example if you have an idea and hired a developer then your developer wants to partner with you instead of creating the site for you? Do you have experience about this? Have you involved in online business partnership with a person you met online and what was the outcome? How risky is it to enter into online business partnership with a person you just met online?
Let me give you some little bit of what you you ought to know about having a business partner.


1.  It's all about relationships. We have a tool here that reaches a worldwide audience. It starts by filling out your profile completely so people can get a better sense of who they are communicating with.

Are you going to go running up to the first hot girl you see at a party and say "you wanna get married" We all know what she would do. 

It starts with getting to know one another and communicating. Building business partners is no different. 

Have fun and meet a lot of cool fun people and be honest.

2.  Do your due diligence on any partnership and treat it like hiring someone. Don't just trust the first person you meet or like. Interview them and have tough questions. Make contracts and make sure your partnership is fair where both parties bring something of value to the table. If this doesn't happen then also make plans when things don't go right so it becomes less problematic.

3.  Partnership is not just about agreeing on who does what. If you are going to make money out of it (which I believe is your intention) then who gets what? what about your IP and registrations if any?
Is this person the tech person and you are not? So he can build and own the online presence and why would he need you afterwards?

I'm not trying to be pessimistic but in partnership you need to be. You might have stumbled on the opportunity of a life time or the worst nightmare you could possibly ask for.

Good luck but be cautious. Evaluate the situation, write down everything and make sure all the details are covered.

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