You Can Now Make Money From Adblabla

You Can Now Make Money From Adblabla

Adblabla is an Africa best traffic exchange service that allows you promote you blog posts with a large audience and it has many good features like the call to action button and also content ads.


With this wonderful program I think nigeria will become a better place for every webmasters one day.
The adblabla service is free but most times your credit will reach a certain stage when you still purchase some,
Now let's move straight to the point.

The adblabla feature which was introduced earlier today with some wonderful idea of making their users gain from their service and it was created to enable everyone earn money in addition.

What country will this feature be available for?

Yes presently this feature is ment for only Nigerans

Please how does this service work?

The service has gone on research and what the discovered was that sponsored post will be a good idea and  also press release too.
And the method which this service wants to perform this feature is simple first the will send you a sponsor post and your website traffic will be calculated and then the amount there being given by the company and their payment estimate is 100 or 500 per post and you shouldn't be surprise base on their pay, I think with time things will change.

You can sign up for their module here

If you have any questions or complain please drop it below thanks.