Zealmatblog Daily Advert Service

Zealmatblog Daily Advert Service

The zealmatblog daily advert service is  being designed for any interested organization who will like to reach out to wide audience about their company products.
The advert service is not only ment for companies but also for bloggers who will like to advertise their products or blog too.


How much will it cost me?

Yes we have made it cheap and affordable for everyone and it is just N50 per day, but if you will like to pay for a week then no problem, it is allowed.

What type of payment method is needed?

Currently we are working on that but in due time it will be changed.
In this present time your payment will be done through.

1. Cash transfer
2. Cash deposit into our bank account.

How do I apply for the service?

Yes our team are always active with fast support, all you need to do is to send your banner 250*250 and the link to our email (mathiasamodu123@gmail.com)


Daily -N50

Weekly - N 350

Monthly - N 1,000

Yearly -  N 10,000

Our advert service is powered by zealmat team, it changes when ever the page is being reloaded, and it contains only five banners so you can apply for any amount of banner you will like to apply for.

After payment and you choose not to continue with our service your money will be returned to you instanly by our support team and with due respect we say we love you all---our visitors.

For more enquires contact us here

                                         Thank you
                                   MATHIAS AMODU
                                        CEO zealmat


  1. Hmmm change the is happening, no difference from the activities of Ben Bruce nice let buy the naira