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Four(4) Sure Ways To Make Money Online

Guest Post
author-pic About Author
Ahmad Dinho is a hard working tech blogger who spends 80% of his time blogging. He is the founder of . You can follow him via his twitter handle @dinho9ja

Hi everyone, today i have decided to write this post because there is one question people keep asking above any question more commonly to my mail. And it is how do i make money online. Now, i know that there are different ways you've read about on how to make money online, and not all usually works. So i decided to make this post as a guide showing you how to do it correctly. And you know, some of this ideas might help you.
So my guess is you want to make money just like everyone else but you don't want to do anything that involves moving your legs isn't it?. You want to do something easy, sit behind your computer and make some money. The truth is that this is Nigeria, you have to stand for yourself. Now what i really want to show you are the four(4) sure ways that anyone can make money online. Let's get started.


Let us begin with number four(4), and this is probably the most common way you've heard of many times.


4. Build a website

The most common and easiest thing you can probably do is set up a blog through any platform be it google blogger blogspot, Joomla, WordPress anything like that, is really easy and probably the easiest way you can make money online. So here are some tips whenever you setup a blog.

Guys no one wants to hear about how you went skating with your friends and flew over bikes and potholes. People don't really care about your life, i know it sounds little harsh but it's true. And girls, no one wants to hear how you've been admired by boys half away with your shirt off. People want to see something that they can relate to. When people go to the internet, they go for mostly two reasons well three reasons mostly but two important ones. One is that they want to be human, they want to laugh at something.

So, whenever you are making your blog, try to make it more hilarious it will help you out a lot and if you have no funny stuffs or whatever, then you should at least know what you can entertain people and please people to keep visiting your blog everyday.

This is entertaining isn't it? so you have to let in this two key aspects, human & entertainment. People are going to read your blog a lot more than you can imagine.  

Now if you want to take a step up from your blog, you can as well start creating a forum. The problem about a forum is if you don't know anything about programming languages or anything like that. The software for forum is free, go ahead in Google and type in free forum softwares, you are going to have a gang of free templates to set up a forum, this is a lot more engaging with your users, is just a lot more prompt seen than a blog. Now you got to say alright, I got my blog and my forum setup what am i suppose to do, how do i make money out of this.

Well, Google adsense is the way you can take ads on put them on your website, here is how it works. Google handle all business aspect of it, and what they do is; they take a company who want to pay for advertisement, they put them on your website and they share a percentage of the profit with you, and Google actually gives up to 75% to 80%. So, that's how you can make money from a blog or a forum.

Let us see number three(3) way to make money online which is:

3. eBay

Spin your eyes around your room, your apartment, your house anything like that. You know those antiquated boots and ancient black and white television, you know how you think they are and you want to do away with them. But thrust me, they are people out there who want this stuffs but why? I have no idea but simply put anything on eBay people are going to bid on it.

Now, i saw a bunch of things on eBay, people have been doing it for years, and here are the two most important things i can give you.

eBay Tips



You pretty much want to bold every single thing you can. Without going with much of details it will be very helpful and aside from that you want to get free shipping, with free shipping, you are going to make it. When people bid, because you are going to take that to your account, and also you know that anything for free, people are going to, you understand.

Now number two(2) way to make money online is to open up a

2. YouTube account/channel 

Open up a YouTube account/channel and start making tutorials, and you know it doesn't has to be only tutorials, it just have to be a video about anything. Now girls have the advantage over here because they can take out a camera and start talking and pretty much many guys are going to watch and subscribe and say oh! my God, you are the greatest thing ever, I love your videos no matter what the video talks about. But when it comes to guys, it is a little bit harder for them. They talk in the camera and people like say; dude get lost!. So guys you have to be a little bit more creative.

Some of the common things you can make videos about if you are a dude instead of just talking in the camera, animation can be a popular subject, anything that sounds fire or explode.

The number one(1) way you can make money online, am giving this number one(1) not because it is the easiest thing to do, but by far this can be the most profitable if you do it, by far! by far!! by far!!! and that is:

1. Selling iPhone apps online

I know you are going to say am quitting reading this article, i have no idea on how to create and sell iPhone apps, where to even begin. Don't worry, let check it out. Here is a quick guide.

If you have any idea for an iPhone app, what you are going to do is go to sites like oDesk & elance and here is where you can find people all over the world to build your iPhone app for you, what you do is to give them your idea, give them some couple box and they create your iPhone app for you, and then you can take the app and sell it your own self and get money from it over and over again. And here is the best thing like any of these thing. You pay for once and you make money till eternity. Pay some guys once to develop iPhone apps for you and that is income for the rest of your life. This is by far more profitable, actually the most profitable way i know on how to make money online. This is the biggest potential, so please do not overlook this.

The only advice i have to give is this, one good app is better than a thousand of crappy apps. So if you have one good idea, you have to concentrate on this, instead of just trying to make a bunch of crappy apps to put on iTunes Store. That is the only advice i have to give you. I hope you guys get something from this article.

If you have any other sure way of making money online and it is not listed here, simply drop your comment and also you can drop your comment if you have any question or difficulties and I'll reply you ASAP.
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How Do You Write When You're Not In the Mood?

Just start writing is the most difficult part of writing is starting, once you start writing everything else will flow. Another word of advice is to just write for 10 or 15 minutes non stop. It doesn't matter what you write just write.One of the things I've found to be true, is that you can't "force" yourself to write and also another best way to write is to write FAST! That way you write using your own unique personality. Best articles are those which include personality in them by author, they are easier to read and look more genuineHowever, you can do a few things to make life easier:


1. Always have a few different writing projects/options available.

This gives you variety and something to choose from. You might not be in the mood for one topic, but could muster the motivation to focus on another.

2. Warm your brain up.

By this, I mean simply writing out all the "junk" as a warm up to your actual writing session.

A lot of people get held back by not knowing what to write and eventually get into a flow. This usually helps get to that point of "flow".

3. Take a shower, go for a walk, workout, yoga, etc.

Especially after you've done some research, this is a great treat to yourself and your mind.

Have you ever had an "ah ha!" moment while trying to fall asleep, or while in the shower?

Taking a quick walk helps me to shake off any negative moods. Plus reminding myself to breathe deeply.

Sometimes I'll do a bit of other work that uses my "logical" aptitude (like randomly writing out a list of numbers, then adding them up on paper) so that my "creative" aptitude gets a break.
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How to Skype Using An iPhone

Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are. 
Below are some steps on how to use Skype on your iPhone.

Step 1
First lunch the Skype app on your iPhone

Step 2
Now you need to sign in, all you need to do is to type in your Skype name and password

Step 3
Then click on the name of any contact you want to reach.

Step 4
Finally you can now  click on your buttons on the contact to perform either video call, SMS, voice call etc.

Don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.
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How to Make Your Website Popular

You can do social activities for your website..and you can add the blog and news section in your website..and daily basis post a news and blog and also create a good content for your website because content is a very importation for the website and also follow google guideline. your website automatic popular in google and other search engine.
Below are some helpful tips on how to make your website popular.


1. Add content
Add content, add content, add content. Before you even register your domain, you should have enough ideas to build 100 pages on your site. Start brainstorming and see what you can come up with in 10 minutes. If that's not enough to fill 50 pages, consider not building the site at all. Having lots of content is important.

2. A simple design is better
The text content should outweigh the html content. Stay away from heavy flash, java, javascript, etc. Don't add to much stuff like 'best viewed with'... Your website should be viewable with any browser. Keep it clean and professional.

3. Keep the pages small
Smaller is better. Keep it under 15k if you can. Your site should be fast loading, or people will leave. Speed is everything. Next to content, that is. Keeping it under 10k or 5k if you can. Difficult, but people love fast sites. Throw away all the trash on your pages.

4. Content length
Put a new page online every day of about 200 to 500 words. Go to the overture keyword suggester to find ideas of what to write about. Spell check your content. Search engines can do it, and so should you. If you have a blog, go for article-like posts as opposed to the personal diary kinds of posts.

5. Use keywords
Use your keywords in the following places: title, description tag, heading, url, once bold, once italic and once high on the page.

6. Link to other sites
Put 2 links to other, high ranking pages on your site. They should be relevant to the content of that page and use keywords as your link. Don't add every link that's requested. Check their relevance first.

7. Link to your own site
Put links from one page to other relevant pages on your own site. Again: use keywords as your link.

8. Submit your site
Submit your site to Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Msn, Hotbot, etc. Then forget about that for 6 months. Also submit it to every single directory you can find. Do a check after 6 months and resubmit if you're not listed.

9. Log and track
Most hosts provide these. Don't use a lame graphic counter. Check where your visitors are coming from to find out what traffic methods work best for your site.

10. Write for people
People are not coming to your site for your content. They are coming for their content. Try to write as if you are writing to one specific person, such as a friend of yours who's interested in the same topic. Don't try to write for 'all of your visitors'.

11. Stay ahead
If you know that something big will come out in a few months, build a page about it now. It gives search engines time to index that page so they can feed it to the growing anticipating crowd.

12. Add more content
This is so important: keep adding content. Do this for a year and your site will be a top ranking website within one year. You could've been there now, if you started last year. So start now, so you'll be there next year. You'll thank yourself (and me) later.
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Reset Windows 8 Password With Password Reset Disk

Having issues with your windows 8 forgotten Password? I think here is the perfect solution for you just use any of the method below carefully.


Method 1: Reset Windows 8 password with password reset disk

Password rest disk only works if you have created before losing that account password. Therefore, you had better to create this win 8 password reset disk when you set up an account. Still have difficult in creating windows 8 password reset disk? See more detail from MS website.

Here is how to reset windows 8 password with password reset disk

Step 1: When entering a wrong win 8 password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password as following picture. Click “Reset password” it will show you the Password Reset Wizard.

Step 2: Click NEXT and select your USB password key disk drive to reset the password with a new one.

Step 3: Then you can use the new password enter your win 8 PC.

Method 2: Unlock Windows 8 password from safe mode

Windows 8 system has a built-in administrator account that is created during Windows installation, and disable by default, which has no password in it. You need to enable that account before forgetting your other admin account password. Otherwise your built-in administrator account won’t appear in the screen in this tip.

Step 1. Start your win 8 computer and press “F8″ while the computer boots up. Scroll down to “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press “Enter.” Your computer starts in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Step 2. Select the Administrator account that appear in the screen, then enter command prompt. Type: net user ****** 123456 and enter (****** is the account name which password you need to reset 123456 is the new password), it will show you a message that” the command completed successfully.

Step 3. Restart your win 8 computer, then you can log in as ****** with the password 123456. You can go to control Panel to change your account password if necessary.

Method 3: Unlock Password Windows 8 with Windows Password Recovery Tool

Have no password reset disk and have tried to reset from safe mode but fail. In this situation you need to find Windows Password Recovery Tool to unlock the lost windows 8 password, it is the best and quick choice.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool from: in another accessible PC which allows you to download.

Step 2: Run and burn Windows Password Recovery Tool to a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 3: Insert the disk to your locked Computer and then boot it from the disk, then you can follow the instruction to crack lost Windows 8 password.

Make it! It’s 100% Windows 8 password unlocker, so I’m sure you’ll enter your Windows 8 system with that account.
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Blog Of The Week: Study4free Blog

Blog Of The Week: Study4free Blog


Hello everyone we are happy to present to you the blog of the week which is study4free blog and a Nigeria educational blog with every latest information about any institution and active scholarships news.

Is this blog ment for only education issues?
Huh study4free blog is a good place were you can get any latest schoolarship update and other related educational issues

Well this is a study4free blog and not a newsfree blog but I must give them kudos for their wonderful work.

Idowu Babatunde your blog is perfect and you should stand upright and base on one niche, once again congratulations

This blog is proudly owned by Idowu Babatunde
You can get in touch with him on
Google plus

During the blog review many blog were perfect and suitable for this position but there must be a winner, don't forget next week might be yours so don't give up now.

We would like to inform you out there who will like to be given a chance to be in this type of position as the best blog of week should always drop their blog or website link below for review thank you.
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How To Setup Custom Header Tag For SEO On Your Blogger Blog

Seo is very important because it involves the search engine spider downloading your web page and then broadcasting it on search engine Sever and it is normally known as indexing.Some other search engines have also reach out to the seo industry too.

In this tutorial there are many other things you need to be sure of before click on what you don't know but for sure am going to give you some brief explanation.

Clicking on All means: you want all your pages to be index and that means everything on your site will be granted to the spiders to crawl on it. and it can be switched to another option if necessary.

Clicking on index means: this is to deactivate your blog page from Showing on Google search results.

Clicking on no translate means: this simply means that your robot will not translate any of your content into serp nomageindex that is your Post image on your Post title will not be visible in Google search engines.

Clicking on noodp means : this  withdraw the title of your blog and meta tags from open directorys.

Clicking on none means : just like selecting both nofollow and no index

Clicking on nofollow means : this is not the best for seo so you shouldn't choose it because it tells not not to crawl everything both the external and internal links in you blog pages.

Clicking on nosnippets means : if you should select this it means that your Post will not be index on search engine

Clicking on no archive means : you page won't have a cache on Google.

Step 1
First you login to your blogger dashboard and select the actual blog you want to work on.

Step 2
Now scroll your mouse down to the settings tab just  click on it.

Step 3
Click on search preference

Step 4
On your search preference page scroll down and click on custom robot header tags.

Step 5
Now just take a look at this image below or follow the writings.

robot header tags

Click on  All
Below it click on noodp

Achieve and search page
Click on  noindex
Below it click on noodp

Default for post and page
Click on  All
Below it click on noodp

That's all you need to do and Google will start sleeping in your blog lol. Don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.
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10 SEO tips for Blogger

author-pic About Guest Blogger
Crystalblogger is a professional blogger,Web designer,you can visit his site at and learn how to design your blog yourself

Blogger is one of the best blogging platform on this 21st century owned by the mighty Google,and the most amazing thing about it is that it's free and easy to use
But unfortunately it developers rarely update it functions and widget compared to it mate WordPress
Seo image

Today I'm going to give some  SEO tips
(after you've submitted your blog Sitemap to search engines like Google and bing)

===)>  optimise your post title in search engines 

If you notice, you will realise the blog title comes before the post title in search engines like Google

 To disable that, follow this steps

  • Login to your Blogger dashboard 
  • Click template and then edit html 
  • Use CTRL F to find the below code 


  • Replace it with the below code 
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType==
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <b:else/>

Click save template and that's all

===)> Add meta description tag

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click search preference 
  • You will see description box 
  • Click inside and add your blog description, make it short and precise 

===)> Add robots.txt 

A custom Robot.txt file will help you better control the way search engines spider index your blog 
  • Go to Settings 
  • Click search preference 
  • You will see robots.txt box 
  • Click on it and add the below robots.txt 
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google 
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search 
Disallow: /search? 
Disallow: /search?q=* 
Disallow: /*?updated-max=* 
Disallow: /*.html 
Allow: /*.html$ 
Allow: / 
Sitemap: http://www.yourblogurl.comatom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

Replace yourblogurl with your blog url address

click save and that's all

===)> Use robot tags 

Follow this screenshot
Custom robot header image

===)> always use custom permalink whenever you write a post 

You can that at the right hand side of your post editor
Post edit image

===)> properly label your posts 
It makes it easier for crawlers to search you blog

===)> use related posts widget 
It makes it easier for your visitors to view something related to what they just read

===)> optimise your images 

Anything you upload an image in your post editor, click on the image and click properties

That's where you can to put the name and descriptions of the image

===)> no follow external links

Whenever you want to input an external links... Just click the no follow box.. It prevents search engine spiders from crawling into that link

===)> don't stuff keywords and try to include keywords when you reply comments 

If you follow this simple steps  and some more information you got on this blog I promise your blog seo would increase
Read More » How To Renew Your Domain Name

Renewing your domain name is as a happens when your domain name duration has reached he the expiry date and you have to renew the domain name so as to keep making use of that domain name.
Most people abandon their domain name because of this issue of renewing it, I know that most times it might be difficult to perform this on must web hosting companies but trust me Domainking is not that hard.
Below are some helpful steps on how to renew your domain name on

Step 1
First you need to go to their website and then login to account by clicking here

Step 2
Now on your domainking dashboard click on My domain it is located at the top navbar of the page.

Step 3
Then you will need to scroll your mouse down to the tab labeled Manage this Domain

Step 4
Then you will be take to a page which you will have to click on Renew domain it is located below management tools category.

Step 5
Now click on the domain name you want to renew  then click on the order button below.

Step 6
Now after you have read the terms  click on the check box then click on the complete order tab below.

Step 7
Then finally you will have to choose your preferred payment method then get your invoice and download it  or you can save the page and that's all you need.

I hope this tutorial will really help you become that special webmaster you ought to be, don't forget to drop your comment below.
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Discussion: Joomla vs. Wordpress vs. Drupal

A student who is conducting research on content management systems. My paper is an analysis of the three most popular web-based CMS -- Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. One of my evaluative methods is to obtain expert opinions from web designers.

What are the major pros and cons of each of these three CMS?


The website he intend to build is simply a page for a chemical marketing business. It will contain an About Us page, a blog, and a product list.

Which of these CMS are most appropriate for this task and why? Please be as detailed as possible.

This are some wonderful answers that were being given to this young man

It's a long time since I've used Joomla and I haven't done anything more than sniff around with Drupal.

For sites that need a ground up approach I use a framework called cakephp - but for something as vanilla as the site you mention I'd go with WordPress because

Users learn it really easily, Joomla used to be a nightmare for unconfident computer users.

Basic site installed and my standard set plugins activated, registered with Google Analytics & Webmaster tools in an hour

Able to have a static front page to introduce the company

Able to utilise off-the-shelf templates or get one built I'm then free to do what I do best and that is to analyse the right way to present the product list. It might be that woocommerce or wp-ecommerce is right, or I might need to write a custom plugin to upload the list, maintain it and present it to the world.
There are people who denigrate WP (aka turdpress) but they can't get past the fact that it builds good sites fast. If the pages are bloated that is the selected theme, pick one that isn't. Focus on the core business and use tools like WP (and the rest) to free up time.

So what your thoughts ? drop them below
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Easy Steps on How to Perform Amazon Affiliate Marketing Perfectly

Amazon is one of the biggest online website that allows you participate in there affiliate program and also Amazon are the owners of the Alexa ranking system, so you have nothing to think about because the Amazon is one of the 2015 best affiliate program you can ever think about as a student, worker, blogger, and so on.
Today i will be giving a brief hint on how to perform Amazon affiliate marketing perfectly.

Step 1

Your product matters alot, because before going into affiliate marketing you must put this in mind that you are going into product delivery or selling, so you need to get you product ready by logging into your Amazon affiliate account  and then select the most recent products and offers and if you choose not to use the one on the front page then use the search box for your own preferred product.

Step 2

Now create a website or a blog were you will be able to write a review on this new and attractive product of yours and make sure that when writing it you include the benefit and also other important information about the product because your customers will require some little details about your product before purchasing it.

Step 3
Search for keywords using the Google keyword planner, this will enable the review to be visible on related topics on google results and also this will increase your traffic and don't use keyword with strong or high competition.

Step 4
Finally I got one more thing to say which is your niche! it most be related to that product and try increase your traffic and advertise in social networks like Facebook and many others.

I hope this hint helps, and if you have any questions please feel free drop it below thanks

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TOP 5 Affiliate Networks 2016

Most times i keep wondering about the online business and how we make a huge amount of money without much stress, but in affiliate marketing you have to be a good and honest marketer and not a dormant marketer and also with different marketing skills.

So today i will be talking on the top 5 affiliate network 2016

Definition of affiliate

* An affiliate is a type of inter-company relationship in which one of the companies owns less than a majority of the other company's stock, or a type of inter-company relationship in which at least two different companies are subsidiaries of a larger company

* Two parties are affiliates if either party has the power to control the other, or a third party controls or has the power to control the both. 


Amazon The trade entry-point for several publishers. simple use and broad product offerings create it straightforward.

ebay the absorption of Pepperjam and therefore the larger, stronger eBay Partner Network is very popular with publishers.

ClickBank Still Brobdingnagian whilst they need had to evolve with the ever-changing rules on promotions and disclosures. Massively fashionable entry-level merchants.

CJ by Conversant CJ is felt by some to own a technology lead over their competition and could be a very little a lot of fashionable publishers. a awfully well-liked skilled network.

Rakuten Linkshare A close competition between Rakuten LinkShare and CJ as continually, however the standard of LinkShare’s publicist support is difficult to ignore.

Happy 2016 marketing !!!
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How to Start Web Designing

Being a webmaster is not a day job you need to face different errors and my own best advice for every webmasters is to be patient and honest.
Today i will begiving you some little tips on how to be or how to start web designing.

If you have not already started doing it, start studying websites and how different ones work. Look at dozens and dozens of sites and learn what works and what does not work. Most websites have major problems. Learn to see the problems, then figure out what can be done to solve those problems. In other words, long before you actually start designing sites, you should have a firm grasp on what makes a good site and what makes a poor site.

Practice, practice, practice. Learn from the mistakes of others. Learn from your own mistakes. No one ever learned to walk without lots of practice. Same with designing and everything else in life.

Usually the simplest websites work the best. They may not look great (think Craigslist), but they have lots of traffic. Some of the most successful sites are also some of the plainest of plain jane sites, again think Craigslist. Or look at Google. Not as plain jane as Craigslist, but still nothing really fancy. What makes those sites tops in their fields?

Try using lots of different sites. Notice how fast they are. Notice how easy they are to navigate. After a while you will have learned what to do and not to do when you are designing sites.

When you find a slow site, or one that is hard to navigate, try to figure out WHY they are that way. What would you do differently to avoid those problems? Look at the source code to see if you can find a problem there. Yes, source code looks like gibberish when you first look at it, but so did books, letters, signs, etc before you learned how to read.

Once you get to where you can instantly know what makes a good site and what does not, then, and only then, can you start doing actual designing. If you start trying to design before you learn this, you will spin your wheels trying to force your designs to work and will constantly being trashing your work and starting over. Or you will add more GARBAGE to the cesspool that we call the internet. And you will not be happy nor successful as a designer.

And You should start by learning HTML and CSS. This will give you an understanding how a website is constructed. You can do this by helping friends and family construct simple websites or with online sources like Codecademy

Photoshop is a tool for graphic design, not for web design. You can use it to create graphic elements, though. I don't recommend to use Wordpress, it will give you lots of headaches and it generates rubbish html, it's much better to use a static generator (I like wok), but first learn how to write proper HTML using semantic markup and then adapting your design to your content.

If you are a beginner, My advice is that you should go for blogger First. Its easy, fast, reliable. You can focus more on your niche than on just designing. Go and check out the various themes. Try and learn how these themes are made. Learn the HTML concepts. I designed this website and people really love it.  TO be honest, I know web designing but still i use WP because its better.  
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Nigerian App Developers Make A New App To Replace Your Paper Business Cards With A Variety Of Virtual Cards

sponsord post


Talentpager Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian app developer announces their latest offering, CardPager- an app that enables you create a digital business card in about 5 minutes.

The Idea:
Have you ever been at an important meeting and realized you forgot your complimentary card? Well, worry no more, CardPager – Digital Business Card Creator has got you covered.
Sometimes carrying about a bunch of business cards can be a hassle. People typically do not forget their phones as much they forget carrying their complimentary cards. With the CardPager app installed on your smartphone, you can now connect with your personal or professional contacts by just using your virtual business cards.

Using Card Pager Virtual Business Cards, you can create and share your business contact information in the form of a digital card via QR Code scanning, Pin share, Bluetooth, email, sms etc.
Cardpager Features:

1. Easy Virtual Card creation
2. Ability to attach a .pdf .doc file to your virtual card which could be your CV or a pitch file summarizing your key business idea or business information.
3. Easy Digital Card exchange with other users via QR Code scanning, Pin share, Bluetooth.
4. One way Virtual card share via Bluetooth, email, sms.
5. Ability to choose from a wide range of digital card designs from our theme collection
6. Ability to edit your virtual cards each time your personal or professional information changes without having to spend money printing new paper business cards.

CardPager is currently available only for android users and new business card designs are regularly added to our theme store. Apps for other platforms are underway.
Download Cardpager digital business card creator from google play store- see link

Visit for more information about CardPager, The Digitial Business Card Creator
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How to Stop Blogger Post From Showing Wrong Thumbnails On Facebook

When editing the blogger template most webmasters do make this similar mistakes, most of them might be that good customizing but not good in html language.

Facebook thumbnail

Having this type of issue on your blogger blog might be as a result of errors and wrong style layout.
To enable the right thumbnail on facebook you need to follow this wonderful tutorial.

Step 1
You need to login to your blogger account and then click on the blog you want to work on.

Step 2
Now scroll down your mouse to the template tab and then click on it then on the template page click on edit HTML.

Step 3
Then make sure that you backup your template first before performing this task.

Step 4
Now on your keyboard press CTRL+F button and then search for this code below


Step 5
Then paste this code after this <head>

 <meta content='article' property='og:type'/><meta expr:content='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl' property='og:image'/><meta expr:content='data:blog.title' property='og:site_name'/><meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' property='og:title'/><b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'><meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/></b:if>

Step 6
Now just save the template and try posting.

Most times you will have to wait for 2 to 3 days and make sure your profile image code in your template is in PNG format.

Hope this tutorial really help you alot.
If you have any problem pertaining topic feel free to drop it in the comment box thanks.
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Sponsor a Post

Sponsor a Post


Hello we’re excited you’re considering sponsoring a post on our blog. And we will always server you better with our service here on zealmatblog.

Now in our society with the latest trend, content marketing is the best and effective way to go and with this you can gain more audience. Banner advertising and trying to get customers through Google Adwords, Bing ads and many more may get you customers but it has been proven beyond doubt that Content Marketing has more lasting benefits and the best way.

Sponsoring a post on one of Nigeria’s most-read technology blog is what you are about to do now and you won't regret it. We publish only quality content on this blog.

What kind of sponsored posts do we accept?

Generally, a sponsored post can be any of the following:⬇

  • Press release
  • Advertorial
  • Video content
  • Article
  • Interview

This kind of post is usually written to promote you or your business and other blogs too. However, we do prefer posts that naturally flow with the site’s general content. This means we cannot promote artists, songs, cosmetic products and things that can not really be categorized as technology products or services.

Every sponsored article will remain live on the site as long as this website exists. The duration is indefinite! Again, we will share your post on our social media channels and our email subscribers too will get to read your article. You’re exposing your article to our:

  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook fans
  • E-mail subscribers

We will also try as much as possible to optimize your post for search engines as well.

The price largely depends on if you’re writing the content or we’re to do that.
More than one link - $150

Contact us on

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Blog of The Week: Nairatrace Blog

Blog of the week: Nairatrace Blog


Hello everyone we are happy to present to you our best blog of the week - Nairatrace Blog, a blog ment for everyone and it teaches you how to build your lifestyle/humour and also teach you how to help others with life issues.


Nairatrace Blog was the winner in the zealmatblog 2016 domain name AWARD and since then this blog has been the best.

What is this blog all about?

Yes this blog is the best educative blog that has been screened by our team and actually this blog has rich articles for both adults and teen in the society both for Nigerians and every other country citizens.

Please don't give up no matter what ever situation you face during blogging just remember nothing good comes easy.
One love Nigeria bloggers

This blog is proudly owned by Abdulmalik Amodu

You can get in touch with them on

During the blog review many blog were perfect and suitable for this position but there must be a winner, don't forget next week might be yours so don't give up now.

We would like to inform you out there who will like to be given a chance to be in this type of position as the best blog of week should always drop their blog or website link below for review thank you.

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What is Google API

Most of the newbie might be finding it difficult to get the full explanation on what the google api is all about.

Huh today I will be giving you some simply terms on what google api is all about.
Google API is used to help the developers to integrate Google services into their web, like google maps, etc.


it's a way to connect to their services with your website or application.
As there are many different APIs, you can do virtually anything, such as customized search, Maps exploration, then, youtube api, analytics / adwords api, and many more of course.

If you haven't done any programming, javascript, php before, you might find Google API hard for you to understand. It would be easier for you to build custom google maps using some Map Builder tools, so that you can create custom Google map simply by point-and-click.

• it is difficult to say...there are different api......alone google uses numerous of them

• Google API is used to help the developers to integrate Google services into their web

• Google api are the tools to automate the google application like google maps,utube,gmail,search etc
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FREE 2016 Bing Ads Coupon Code

Show ads on Bing. Display your product or service to as many as 151 million potential customers.
No need to buy Bing Ads coupon code! For 2016 year Bing Ads is offering Free coupon code for 12 countries and available to redeem this promotion: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India and Brazil.


Use the FREE credit to promote your Website, blog, CPA offers. Your Ad will appear on both yahoo and Bing search engine and associated partners.

Step 1
Request Coupon

Step 2
Register for Bing account and redeem

Step 3
Use FREE money to advertise your website

Get your FREE Bing Ads coupon code here

Note: This promotion ends December 30, 2016.
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Today the internet at large has been made easy for mostly webmasters and this topic is a great example of that if you have not done this yet then you are missing something.  I started sharing my first blog post with networkedblogs but you know the more things change the more your knowledge increase.

Remember that every blog has a feed link make sure you still know yours.

There are other sharing network apart from this on example are:

• Twitter feed
Networked blogs

Follow this:

Step 1
Put your feed URL and sign up  to you are not to pay any thing it's free of charge

Step 2
There will a massage box showing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn bottons.

Step 3
Now just click on any of the buttons or icons for social media account authorization.

Step 4
Lastly everything is good now just post on your blog effortlessly and wisely.


Do you know that this method enable us to get more traffic to our blog? This method of posting has no stress at all, you don't need any configuration or any other thing apart from the procedure above.

Now let's talk have you ever used this before or do you have any idea about this?

You can share unlimited post any how you want to

Beautiful sharing

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How to Get In Touch with the Owner of a Domain Name

There are sites that show you recently purchased domains. What I've done in the past is go through the recent
domains for sites that looked like they were for small businesses and did a whois lookup to get their email. I contacted them each, with a unique message (you can sometimes tell what a site is about by their domain) and got some responses for web design work.



* Go to the site and ask to speak to the building site manager and ask him/her how to contact the client

* Go the companies office website and look up the business name

* Google the domain name and the business name and see if you can find any posts on social media talking about the new business. From there you may be able to track down the owner.


If there is a new business then go to the place of their business or ask around in Yellow pages. Otherwise try Whois to see if the details are listed there.
I suspect if they have the domain, they must have someone already on it, but does not hurt to have a look thanks.
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How to Write a Terms and Conditions for Your Blog or Website

The terms and conditions that is being applied on any blog or website is a symbol of a responsible organization and most times the google adsense insist you have it before applying.
So today am going to show you a simple way on How can I write a Terms and Conditions for your blog or website.


The term and conditions can be generated automatically from this listed sites below.

While online generators tend to do the job, ToS are usually re-written.
Find some niche-relevant websites, copy their ToS and compile a text that takes their best practices and describes your particular service well.

I have visited some related website and get idea from there. And then I have written myself. Dont hesitate to let me know if you need any suggestion.
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Remove Write Protection From Pendrive Using Regedit.

Registry Editor is a collection of resource for Windows OS. We can easily edit, update and remove settings for any particular file, device and windows system. So we can also use registry editor to remove write protection from usb drive. So to remove the write protection follow below given steps.

Step 1
First of all open your “Start menu“, and search for “Run” option.

Step 2
Then type in “regedit” into run box and press Enter.


Step 3
After that new window for registry editor will get open.

Step 4
Next step is to navigate through following path



Repairing USB using Redegit

Step 5
After successfully reaching to that portion as shown above.

Step 6
Double-click the “WriteProtect” key located in the right side pane and set the value to 0.

Step 7
Go to the Data Value box and press “OK
To finish the process safely remove the Pendrive,

Step 8
Finally Restart your computer and Plug-in pendrive again.

Hope this solution will works for you.
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How to Plan a Business Model for Your Blog

Well, conversion is certainly tricky and does involve a lot of complicated, not to mention time-consuming work. Then again, we found that there's nothing that you can't solve by throwing as much traffic as you can at the wall until it breaks down and money comes pouring in.

Ok now let me give you some few tips on how to plan  a business model for your blog.


=> Think about products you can create, or promote to your end users to monetize your email marketing list

=> I would plan an entire sales funnel for your blog.

=> Have a free giveaway (or several).

=> Have a onetime upsell behind that giveaway.

=> Build your list every step along the way.

=> You need to funnel that traffic towards a higher paying, relevant offer. That way you can also build a list

=> finally I also suggest that you use a pop up box to capture their email address when they try to leave your site and offer them a free gift to join your email list.

For the laziest method, you could just buy them from sources like ultimatewebtraffic or traffmagic. You get thousands of traffic for nearly no effort. Of course, the quality of the traffic will largely depend on the provider, so choose carefully.

If you have any contribution kindly drop it below thanks.

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Open a GTCrea8 e-saver Account : Zero Opening Balance and Zero Minimum Balance

Designed for undergraduates

The GTCrea8 e-saver account is an interest bearing account designed to allow undergraduates bank at no cost.

How to open

• Duly completed application
• 1 passport photograph
• Valid student ID card or Admission letter along with any other form of ID card


• You can stand a chance to win monthly scholarships for worth N150,000.00 when you use e-channels (POS, Internet & Mobile Banking) more than 3 times a month

• Access to free GTCrea8 concerts and GTCrea8 Master Class featuring the biggest Nigeria artists.

• A classy and trendy Master card for online &POS payment as well as ATM withdrawals (local and international)

• Freedom to pay into your account in GTbank halls, internet banking platform and cash deposit ATMs.

• Transfer money to friends, pay bills, purchase airtime through *737#USSD services, internet banking, and mobile banking.



• Lodgment of cheques and dividend warrants subject to a maximum of N100,000 per instrument.

• Presentation of a regulatory ID (Driver's License, voters card, National ID card or international passport) once the cumulative balance in your account exceed N1 million

# Follow The Movement on and our social media channels.              

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Blog of The Week: Propaintmobile Blog

Blog Of The Week : Propaintmobile Blog

Hello my great zealmatblog friends, families and my fellow bloggers and also our team we are happy to present to you the blog of the week which is Propaintmobile blog a nigeria technology blog and basically ment for any gadget related issues.
This blog has been in existence since August 2015 and well designed and mobile friendly with good desktop design.

What type of technology related issues can I get from this blog?

Propaintmobile blog is a blog were you can get the latest and trending cheat for glo, mtn, etisalat and other software terms and conditions including some tutorial on how to use any new gadget.

Hope they don't posts weekly?

Huh! I can assure you that everyday not less than 6 post are being published so don't bother any blog that is been placed as blog of the week is been reviewed and approved.

This blog is proudly owned by an Anonymous Blogger

During the blog review many blog were perfect and suitable for this position but there must be a winner, don't forget next week might be yours so don't give up now.

We would like to inform you out there who will like to be given a chance to be in this type of position as the best blog of week should always drop their blog or website link below for review thank you.

By: Michael oliatan
        Zealmat team
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Tips on How to Find Audience

The best products provide a solution for a problem. If you really have no idea who your audience is you most likely don't have a product that provides a solution.

So today we will be digging deep into this great topic that can increase your blog audience from zero to hundreds of thousands.


I would suggest working on adults who could end up paying you or buying something from you once you have cultivated the market. This would lead me to professionals, businesspeople, etc. The key, of course, is that your training will need to speak to that specific person's industry. A lawyer, for example, is going to want problem solving training as it relates to his or her daily activities which are quite different from those of an aerospace engineer. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is in what industry or market do you have enough knowledge to be able to tailor your problem solving training to speak to that specific audience?

The way to sell to kids is to convince their parents. That is what Huntington and other extra-school companies do. Its also what Violin and Piano teachers do - "Help your child get into Harvard."

Marketing to adults is a different story. Off the top of my head, I would think that you should market towards people that would make more money from this line of thinking, like business owners per say. Targeting academics (young professors) might be interesting because this demographic seems to be more open to technology and new forms of learning.

And I hope this tutorial will serve you better in you online business and also your household business too and I would like if you have any contribution or questions please drop them below thanks.
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How to Make a Profit From the Business Idea

Definition: Business can be define as an organization or an economic system were goods and services are exchange for money.


It's hard to have better options to start the business beyond the Internet. Vietnam's population has reached more than 90 million people and more than half of them are in working age people and pupil, student and  36 million Internet users as an indispensable tool in the life.

You are the first in a rekindled unique business idea and extremely "greatness". You want to make a lot of money to be able to kick up pimp guy with friends all over the place but still vague about how. And you wonder how someone else did?

Very "simple", "growing" your ideas onto the Internet fertile piece of land!

Why bring up Internet business idea?

It's hard to have better options to start the business beyond the Internet. Vietnam's population has reached more than 90 million people and more than half of them are in working age people and pupil, student; and there to 36 million Internet users as an indispensable tool in the life.

In the 36 million users, nearly a majority are using Internet for entertainment purposes, search for information in a certain product and buy them! Truth is too fertile!

If the cost to the business to begin a unique idea on the Internet then it is a very small number, perhaps a few million, several hundred, even is not the same! And what if you can reach just 10.000 people in a total of 36 million people; and 10% of your purchase 10.000 per month? You are going to be rich very quickly and extremely simple.

How to put up Internet business idea?

Let's immediately open up Facebook page, create a profile or a fanpage. The many friends, give them the information, useful articles about products you will experience and relevant to their interests. Be the dog always runs according to them every time they online, once they were fascinated with the value you give away, you are at a unique business idea you bring small profit.

A tool cost a little more as google, but this is really where the love begins. Over 90% of users preferred Vietnam to google product search to buy rather than Facebook. You just need to invest a few hundred thousand websites, make a basic host, a domain name, your back about 1 million. Please persevere website development in months and when you top up Google then just good customer service only because they arrived very steady and continuous dều from Google.

In addition, a highly recommended tool you use for unique business idea is Youtube. Just need the confidence, painstaking tinkering to do video, a little idea, you have posted the video of himself on youtube to attract a large number of viewers on the web or facebook, can even earn money thanks to weekly view on Youtube.

Start bringing up the idea of the Internet as the best method?

If you truly have inspired great with his ideas and like to go long way first, then create a web page. Don't hesitate! Ability to quick decisions will bring you great success and costs just under 1 million!

In case you don't already know the idea there really worth to invest or take a test by Facebook. It's free and you can immediately sell the goods as if the content was on the residents.

However you should always remember that, without the shortcuts to success, unless you had the selling skills into schools, if not you need to remove the time wandering on the Internet land as ephemera, learning the knowledge of sales on the Internet, gradually you become more mature and new was the well-deserved rewards from your efforts.

And the good news is maybe only 3-4 months, you got a lot of information and sales has the unique business idea.
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