Dlvr.it: How to Use It for Your Blog Post Distribution

Today the internet at large has been made easy for mostly webmasters and this topic is a great example of that if you have not done this yet then you are missing something.  I started sharing my first blog post with networkedblogs but you know the more things change the more your knowledge increase.

Remember that every blog has a feed link make sure you still know yours.

There are other sharing network apart from this on example are:

• Twitter feed
Networked blogs

Follow this:

Step 1
Put your feed URL and sign up  to dlvr.it you are not to pay any thing it’s free of charge

Step 2
There will a massage box showing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn bottons.

Step 3
Now just click on any of the buttons or icons for social media account authorization.

Step 4
Lastly everything is good now just post on your blog effortlessly and wisely.


Do you know that this method enable us to get more traffic to our blog? This method of posting has no stress at all, you don’t need any configuration or any other thing apart from the procedure above.

Now let’s talk have you ever used this before or do you have any idea about this?

You can share unlimited post any how you want to

Beautiful sharing

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