How to Plan a Business Model for Your Blog

How to Plan a Business Model for Your Blog

Well, conversion is certainly tricky and does involve a lot of complicated, not to mention time-consuming work. Then again, we found that there's nothing that you can't solve by throwing as much traffic as you can at the wall until it breaks down and money comes pouring in.

Ok now let me give you some few tips on how to plan  a business model for your blog.


=> Think about products you can create, or promote to your end users to monetize your email marketing list

=> I would plan an entire sales funnel for your blog.

=> Have a free giveaway (or several).

=> Have a onetime upsell behind that giveaway.

=> Build your list every step along the way.

=> You need to funnel that traffic towards a higher paying, relevant offer. That way you can also build a list

=> finally I also suggest that you use a pop up box to capture their email address when they try to leave your site and offer them a free gift to join your email list.

For the laziest method, you could just buy them from sources like ultimatewebtraffic or traffmagic. You get thousands of traffic for nearly no effort. Of course, the quality of the traffic will largely depend on the provider, so choose carefully.

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