Tips on How to Find Audience

Tips on How to Find Audience

The best products provide a solution for a problem. If you really have no idea who your audience is you most likely don't have a product that provides a solution.

So today we will be digging deep into this great topic that can increase your blog audience from zero to hundreds of thousands.


I would suggest working on adults who could end up paying you or buying something from you once you have cultivated the market. This would lead me to professionals, businesspeople, etc. The key, of course, is that your training will need to speak to that specific person's industry. A lawyer, for example, is going to want problem solving training as it relates to his or her daily activities which are quite different from those of an aerospace engineer. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is in what industry or market do you have enough knowledge to be able to tailor your problem solving training to speak to that specific audience?

The way to sell to kids is to convince their parents. That is what Huntington and other extra-school companies do. Its also what Violin and Piano teachers do - "Help your child get into Harvard."

Marketing to adults is a different story. Off the top of my head, I would think that you should market towards people that would make more money from this line of thinking, like business owners per say. Targeting academics (young professors) might be interesting because this demographic seems to be more open to technology and new forms of learning.

And I hope this tutorial will serve you better in you online business and also your household business too and I would like if you have any contribution or questions please drop them below thanks.


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