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Mathias Amodu

Founder at Zealmat Limited
2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man
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  • Online consultant or coach- If you have expertise or just have the ability to provide advice and counsel people you should consider becoming an online consultant or coach. I meet many people at seminars, who are making a living with their own virtual coaching program.
  • Translator– If you speak multiple languages fluently, then it’s possible you can earn an income online as a translator. Many professionals and companies want to convert their websites to other languages. Promote yourself on several freelance platforms.
  • Sell other people’s stuff on eBay– Many people need help selling their stuff. You can get paid commission from retail businesses in your local area that DO NOT have an online eBay presence already. It’s best to target businesses who already have similar products that are already being sold successfully on eBay. Check eBay’s popular item list.
  • Sell homemade gifts– If you have a passion for creating home made gifts, such as arts and crafts then you should consider selling online. Maybe you have a background experience as a welder or making jewelry at swap shops. You can check out sites like to get ideas.
  • Start teaching online– If you are a native English speaker you can target universities in non speaking English countries on craigslist for example because there is a massive demand. If writing on content mills just isn’t cutting it to pay those bills but you know English well enough then maybe you can teach the basics like pronunciation and basic sentence structure to people WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY YOU. Things you learned in grade school. Also join sites like, or to increase your income online NOW!
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