Benefits of Backlink by Blog Commenting

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Mathias Amodu

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I am certainly not an SEO expert but I sure know what search engines are trying to do, specially Google when it comes to algorithm changes. Google isn’t working for you, we are working to get ranked on Google. How would that happen? Take things naturally.

Blog commenting has been abused these past few years and this is to hopefully manipulate the rankings by dropping their anchor text links in which their targeted keyword for the main site. Use this method as a medium to improve the blog sites post or content by providing useful suggestion and ideas.


Blog commenting is a great way for the start and it does get you the visits, in fact, I get more visits from commenting than Google search!

I just know one thing – if you try to spam something, you will land nowhere. Comment on my blog with “wow, great post. Thanks!” and I will delete that post. I don’t want to get garbage added to comment section when other people are writing meaning stuff or asking some questions.

There are rules for commenting –
1. Read the whole post and understand it
2. Write relevant comment that adds value
3. If you get reply, go back and check it. If required, reply back – this builds a repo with the author.
4. Try to add keywords from blog in your comments
5. Try to be first to comment on a post – you get more visibility

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If you write something meaningful in a comment box, you sure will get approved but if you are there for spamming, nobody will take it.

About his method, it more of seems spamming and blackhat so I would suggest not to even test it on a good going blog.

Lastly i noticed, that blog commenting is a quite popular among Indian bloggers. Actually, there are a lot websites with link profile, where the name and the surname of the owner has the main percentage of all website’s anchors (obviously due to blog commenting).

What do you think, is it safe enough to rely on this method above all?

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man


  1. here are many reasons some bloggers have left the CommentLuv community. Some are worried about SEO penalties; others are using G+ or Facebook comments. I switched mine to nofollow to reduce the likelihood of SEO issues.

    Nothing keeps a strong community as well IF you go out blog walking like we used to do. (Visiting other CommentLuv bloggers, commenting and sharing.) Bloggers who do that have the largest readership and the most comments.
    I haven’t been commenting much, but it is on my list to get back to doing it. I know I can easily double my traffic if I visit other CommentLuv blogs.

    Ashley Jones

  2. Thanks for the tips and information. Commenting is an wonderful kill and art. It will encourage the webmasters to give quality content. For eg, like yours. Good read. Thanks for the share.

    Roxy Chan

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