Benefits of Twitter in Marketing

Benefits of Twitter in Marketing

Marketing on Twitter is very very powerful if done right. You can reach thousands & thousands of people and it's all for free.

There are many fortune 500 companies that use Twitter these days to reach out to their market. Why are you over-whelmed? Twitter marketing is not that hard, it may look hard at first but once you sit down and really just look at it for a few hours, it's not that hard.


The benefits are you can send out a tweet at any time and you know it will get out to your list. If you sent out an e-mail to your list you have to make sure it will get past many common spam filters that are employed these days. Also it costs $20 a month to use Aweber or a company like it, Twitter marketing is all free

There are 3 steps you need to do to make your twitter marketing successful. But they all must be done at the same time.

1. A viral tweet
2. The tweet must encourage others to retweet
3. The first tweet must go out to thousands of people

For step 3, you must go to sponsoredtweets.com
There you will find legitimate people who will tweet for a fee.

Twitter is very useful social network site. Using hash tags you can reach potential customer. 70% of small business are on twitter now, so if your business is not present on twitter properly you are losing some potential customers.