Guide To Getting Indexed Into Bing

Guide To Getting Indexed Into Bing

I have seen a lot of threads about getting indexed into bing so I thought I would give a guide for people who need help trying to rank on bing.


So similar to google bing has its own webmaster tools that you can check out here.


Its pretty much the same as googles webmaster tools as you add your website and check rankings, indexed pages, backlinks etc.

Now if your looking for bing keywords that you want to rank for Microsoft has also added a similar feature like google's keyword tool.


Being able to use the webmaster toolbox, and keyword tools is going to help any website owner in order to rank for keywords and make money.
TO get your link index quickly is you can bookmark your site, use something like rapid indexer or ping your website

Creating a bit more social reputation will help you to get higher rank in BING as well as it will index you more faster. BING is quite slow system they only checks the very new thing only so be creative and unique always.

I hope this short guide has helped.