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The DomainKing Nigeria web hosting company is one of the best domain hosting company and it is very good and affordable.

The  Creation of free emails on your domain is very easy and can be perform within 1 minute without any stress and remember you must purchase or register a domain form this company to enable you gain access.

This tutorial will enable create your own CUSTOM EMAIL for your product or company

Below I will be giving you some simple steps on how to create free emails on your domain.

Step 1
First make sure you have a domain name with Domainking, if you have already jsut login to your account or if you don’t have you can check how to purchase domain name form domainking.

Step 2
After login into your own account check at the top of the homepage and click on MY DOMAIN TAB you will see list of your domain name which you have  purchased already just click on the button at the right side of any domain name of your choice.

Check screenshot below


Step 4
After clicking on the button you will be taking to the management tool area just click on the DKNG DNS & Free Email Panel (Beta)

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Check screenshot below


Step 5
Now you will be given a notification just like. Welcome to DNS & Email Panel for

Just click on Manage Free Emails


Step 6
Now you will be Redirecting to DomainKing.NG Email Panel

Just click on continue to email panel 


Step 7
Now on the DomainKing.NG Email Panel click on Add user

Check screenshot below


Step 8
Now fill in the necessary requirements and then click on Add user and that’s all


Step 9
You will be given a congratulation message like this.



  • When visiting the panel make sure you are on a desktop 
  • You can create only two custom email for your self for free

Don’t forget to drop your comments below thanks.
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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man


  1. is the best domain registra for Nigerians has at now

    Free Custom email added to their service is superb
    It builds authority for blogs and website

    Thanks for the tutorial sir

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