How To Transfer Money From An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) To Any Bank Account In Nigeria

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The ATM machine has really perform a great role in the society today with the no stress activities and the cashless transaction today.

With this tutorial you don't need to stress yourself going to GTBank or other banks in other neighbouring communities  with transportation fees, all you need is just your ATM card with the steps below and that's all.


Step 1
Visit any branch with active ATM machine and simply insert your card into ATM machine.

Step 2 
Enter your correct pin or password and press the  proceed button.

Step 3
Now press quick teller once

Step 4
Then press inter bank transfers

Step 5
Now you will have to select your funding account type -  savings or current account

Step 6
Then select receiving account type be it savings or current account

Step 7
Choose recipient' s bank.

Step 8
Enter Account Number you wish to transfer to.

Step 9
Type in your desired Amount and click proceed.

Step 10
Now click proceed if you accept the N100 charge

you will be charged  N100 for every single transfer made.

Step 11
Then confirm your  details and click proceed .

Step 12
you will get the massage transaction completed

Step 13
You can now click cancel to retrieve your ATM card and that's all you need

Feel free if you have any question or complain just drop it in the comment box below thanks.
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