SEO Detailed List Of Action Checklist

SEO Detailed List Of Action Checklist

Detailed step-by-step checklist or steps you should take when starting a new website project (Like what are the first move in order to move on etc)
So today I have compiled some useful steps or checklist actions for you all you need now is to perform this task one by one and guess what? You new site will be the best.


Follow My Steps:

Analysis Process:

1. Site Analysis
2. Business Analysis
3. Keywords Analysis
4. Competitor Analysis

On-Page Optimization:

1. URL Optimization
2. Title & Meta Tags writing
3. Heading Optimization
4. Content Optimization
5. Keywords Density Optimization
6. Breadcrumb Setup
7. Image Optimization
8. Sitemap setup
9. .htaccess file setup
10. Robots.txt file setup
11. Setup Google Analytics & webmaster tool accounts
12.Internal Linking Structure Optimization

Off-Page Optimization:

1. Google and Local Business Listing
2. Blog Posting
3. Guest Blog Posting
4. Press Release
5. Web 2.0 & Articles
6. Documents, Presentation Submission
7. Blog Commenting
8. Forum Participation
9. Business Review Submission
10. Infographics Submission
11. Video Submission

Social Media:

Create and Share daily interesting news about your business as well as interesting other factors.

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Pinterest
4. Linkedin
5. Instagram
6. Google Plus

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