Tips For Keeping Tabs on Crooked Employees

Tips For Keeping Tabs on Crooked Employees 11
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Tips For Keeping Tabs on Crooked Employees 11
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As much as we can try to get rid of crooked employees, there will always be one or two bad apples in the bunch. However, with much technological advancement today, you can easily identify and deal with these crooked bad apples in your firm. All you have to do is become the ultimate iOS spy.

Use Spy Tools


Handpicking these bad apples is pretty much impossible especially since your organization comprises of many employees and single handedly picking and spying on every one of them is practically impossible. However, there is now a virtual solution to this practical problem. By installing monitoring applications on all company owned gadgets you can now easily spy on your employees. Different employee monitoring applications offer different features and hence, you can explore these features and use them according to your benefit. Here are some of the features that you can explore:

  1. Monitoring and emails and mailing contact lists. This way you can scrutinize different avenues through which employees may be involved with selling private confidential information to third parties.
  2. Keep track of their internet web histories.
  3. Spy on their calls and messages especially those initiated via company owned gadgets.
  4. Use different online filters to help you cut down on shady internet activities.
  5. Track their social media activity including media uploads and downloads.
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Track Their Location


In some professions this feature works wonders. For example, if you are running a courier company then using the GPS location tracker will help you track your employees’ routes and different unnecessary stops that they may make. Crooked employees are not only involved in direct criminal activity but may work stealthily to tarnish you company’s reputation. Therefore, it is always recommended that you track their whereabouts to understand what they are up to. Monitoring applications are equipped to identify and give signals based on any routes that are not accounted for.

Take Smart Decisions


Crooked employTips For Keeping Tabs on Crooked Employees
ees are never easy to catch. This is because anyone who is hiding whatever they are doing, 99% chances are that it is not a good thing. However, with monitoring tools you can now easily decipher their every move and then introduce them to different consequences accordingly. Monitoring applications come with a smart feature where all the information from employee gadgets gets stored in online servers. This abundant information is only accessible to the employers and can be viewed by them at any time. Then again going through all this information singularly is not possible. Therefore, the monitoring applications come with an option of critically analyzing all the information and then forming analysis reports over it accordingly. By checking these reports you can make out different patterns which will then help you solve the puzzle and catch the bad guys.


Technology has managed to revolutionize everything. The work place has become a complex web of systems that need to be monitored and constantly revamped time and again.With potential crooked employees in the picture, employers need to constantly be on the lookout for any illegal or shady businesses that may negatively impact their companies monetarily or even socially. And with technological advancements like spying and monitoring applications, it has become fairly easy to recognize and catch bad apples in the whole bunch.
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