Top 10 Productivity Hacks for Every Student

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Top 10 Productivity Hacks for Every Student

Guest post by:

Linda Craig is an editing professional at service, which provides assignment help. Her hobbies are modern literature, productivity issues research and tennis.

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There is no practical advice here, these are all intimate, dirty, clever and outright brilliant life hacks that will increase your productivity tenfold. There are real-world suggestions, psychology tips and buy-this-now tips. You can read this article and improve your productivity like a champion, or you can read other articles about meditating your way to productivity, or about using crystals to align your chaotic life force.


1 – Generate A Bag Of Excuses You Can Whip Out Like A Cowboy’s Revolver

Beautiful women have thousands of excuses they can whip out whenever somebody wants a piece of their time. They are often looked upon as bitches (or whatever other negative words people in your area use) because they sometimes have to be abrupt to simply make people leave them alone. They are hounded day by day, so come up with lists of excuses that they can spin off and not be a liar or not get caught.

If you want to be productive, you are going to have to come up with your own list of excuses. If you have already tried, “Sorry, I am writing my essay tonight,” and didn’t work, then you are going to have to get more creative. Do what beautiful women do and come up with lots of different excuses that are lies where you cannot get caught, or that are true but help you avoid that person.

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2 – Use Assignment Masters To Finish Your Essays For You

There are times when people get the better of you and you have to do what they want. There are also times when you are not productive at all and you need a safety net. The Assignment Masters team is able to write your essays for you or finish your essays for you. Check out their offer . They can even do the spellchecking and proofreading if you cannot be bothered to do it yourself.

3 – Learn Self Discipline With Aversion Therapy

When you are working, every time you get distracted by something, then give your wrist a wrap with your ruler. It may seem pretty dumb and a little like self-harm (it isn’t), but it will help you focus and maintain.

4 – Get More Sleep

The most productive people in the world are people that get enough sleep and that have enough fulfilling sex. That is why the most powerful people in the world tend to be married. There are plenty of exceptions, such as the people that claim Einstein only slept four hour per night, but they are the exceptions and not the rule.

5 – Turn Off Your Phone!

You are unproductive because you are always on your phone. If you just read that line and said, “I’m not on it that much,” then you have a serious denial problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were reading this from a phone right now. Turn it off and you will become more productive.

6 – Cancel Out Background Noise With Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Sometimes background noise can be devastating to your productivity. Use noise-cancelling headphones that you can wear over your ears (not in them). Do not use earplugs either because they are wasteful and will give you ear infections and a waxy build up. Use noise-cancelling headphones that you wear over your ears. Do not play music because it may distract you, but if you do, then do not have music with words because they will interrupt your writing flow as your mind tries to interpret what it hears.

7 – Use A Timer To Improve Your Writing Discipline

This trick is very simple. If you are having a dickens of a time trying to concentrate, set a timer that goes off every ten minutes. Spend ten minutes watching something fun such as Family Guy or South Park (something you find fun and/or funny), and when the alarm goes off you have to do ten minutes of work. The prospect of doing just ten minutes usually makes the time breeze by and the writing task and pleasant one. It helps associate your mind with happiness and writing so that the task doesn’t appear like work; ergo you do more work in the long-run and become more productive.

8 – Learn About Your Circadian Rhythm And See If It Helps

Your circadian rhythm is responsible for you feeling physically sick when you have jet lag. It is your body clock that has set up a routine and so does different activities during the day a little like a PC that runs scheduled tune-ups and virus checks. This article is not claiming you start believing every bit of mumbo-jumbo you read, in the same way it is not telling you to use crystals to fix your problem, your circadian rhythm is simply something you may like to consider. Do not use it as your excuse, but maybe try to understand why sometimes your brain wants to work and be productive–but you just cannot be bothered to actually do to work. Of course, it may just be that you are tired, but that is also a disruption in your circadian rhythm.

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9 – Planning Your Essays Will Improve Your Writing Speed 76%

According to a study by University of Iowa if you plan your essay, then you actually improve your essay-creating speed. Not only do you recoup the time you spent writing your plan, you also make significant gains at an average over making your essay writing 76% faster.

10 – Tell People You Are Going To Do Something

Apply social pressure to yourself. If you are going to finish your essay tonight in one night, then tell people. In fact, brag to people that you are going to do it. Make it so that they ask you about it the next day, at which point you will feel silly saying that you didn’t do it. If you have something to lose, such as the respect of your friends or family, it becomes more likely that you will be productive and actually follow through on what you said you would do.

Linda Craig is an editing professional at service, which provides assignment help. Her hobbies are modern literature, productivity issues research and tennis.

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  1. Its very hard for me to turn off my phone even while reading cos i think an important call might want to come in.
    I will work on that sleep duration too, just that creative people usually find it hard to sleep early

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