Zoranga - Convert Airtime To Cash Here In Nigeria

Nigeria best airtime transfer service to your preferred bank account without stress and without any job appointment cancelled wow isn't this great for entrepreneurs!!.

The zoranga service has been the best method of transaction to zealmatblog without any delay and also if you are talking or thinking of scam or fraud, count them out because the are unique and have 24/7 customer care assistance.


In Nigeria today our university, college of education and polytechnics architecture layout of the school is too large, this will make some students not to be able to deposits or withdraw their money through the ATM machine but with this new feature you can stay in your comfort zone and do your desired transaction.

Today we want to talk more on how his this service work  and with full test I promise you won't regret signing up for this wonderful service.

How To Sign Up To Zoranga


Step 1
First you need to visit www.zoranga.com

Step 2
Now on the zoranga webpage click the sign up button

Step 3
Now fill in your details and click on create account tab below.

How Setup Your Account After Creation


Now you will have to implement some of your details like

  • The creation of bank pin for deposit
  • Mobile number 
  • Date of birth 
  • State of origin

How to change password 
Changing your account password is very easy all you need to do is to.


Step 1
click on change password once

Step 2
Then your will be given three box were you will have to put your old pass and the new password

Step 3
And then finally click in the  button below labelled change password

How To Deposits Airtime


This will be your major process in what ever you do on zoranga platform all you need to do is to follow the step below.

Step 1
Sign in to your account dashboard then click in deposits airtime

Step 2
Then you wikk be give a form to fill in your card pin and select the amount you are about to deposits.

Now you nees to be sensitive of what you do and try to secure your recharge card pin after deposits

Step 3
Finally click on the deposits tab below and that all with the deposits.

You will be charge 50 naira per deposits but it will be refund back to you immediately after confirmation of your airtime pin.

How To Transfer To Your Bank Account


Step 1
First you will have to click transfer money

Step 2
There are different method of transfer


All you need is to get the receivers name and account number including the bank name.


This is on of the major tab I know 90% will always like to click


If you work with them then you amcan use this to get your total or monthly earning form this platform instantly without delay.



With this process you can start a recharge card business in your office and also in your school also it is fast and relaible all you need to do is to 

==> click on the Buy Airtime button below

==> Then fill in the form given to you and also remember your pin for transfer.

==> After filling the form click the the Buy Airtime below and that's all.

How To Contact Zoranga
As I earlier said the support service are active 24/7 so you don't have to worry just make use of their contact details below.

When you have an urgent issue, you can send an SMS or call our helpdesk for immediate support. 

From : Mon-Sat 09:00 -
18:00 GMT +1
Call or SMS: +2348067238359

How To Partner With Zoranga

For partnership and business related enquiries you can send us an email on
or you can call our helpdesk telephone.

About Author 2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A web Specialist, Blogger, Student and a Business Man https://www.zealmat.com/..
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  1. Please can this work with bonus credits? Or this special tru talk card?

  2. I've never heard of this. But how did actually convert to cash?

    1. All you need to do is to buy a recharge card then insert the pin or you can do Mtn share and sell

  3. Oboy, This is wow, now anyone can send me credit now and watch me convert it to cash

  4. Unfortunately the MTN Share and sell method has been discontinued lately.... According to them, they said Every decision is taken in a bid to serve you better. They urge you to adapt to the new way, as they are adding other networks soon.

    So you can only use the MTN Pin and Zorapin to make a deposit!

    ........Commenting from PronoahTECH Technology Universe

    1. Yea I was contacted last week consigning the share and sell issue but I think with time everything will be perfect thanks for sharing your view

  5. This is a nice development. You can now easily receive recharge cards as payment then convert it with this website. They should try and include other networks too.

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