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Where are the best sites to download free fonts? Here you'll find quality typography that won't cost a penny.

There are plenty of places to download typeface on the web. But which of them contain the best free fonts? There's a lot of noise and clutter online, and it's easy to end up falling down the rabbit hole of poorly structured sites and low quality fonts. So we've taken on ourselves to find you the gems in the rough.
Besides the obvious places to download free fonts, we've also unearthed some less known sources – including personal design portfolios, agency sites and type projects. So next time you want to download fonts, start discovering a world of typographical inspiration!

01. Creative Market

Get a free font each week over on Creative Market

An online marketplace for community-generated design assets, Creative Market offers free goods each week, which includes a free font. The design changes each week and is only available for a limited time period – a brilliant way to build up a library of different font styles.

02. Behance


You'll find all manner of free font designs on Behance

The go-to place for designers to show off their work, online portfolio platform Behance is a brilliant place to find free fonts. Whether you want a slab serif, script, tattoo or handwriting font, you're sure to find something that suits here.

03. HypeForType

ImageHypeForType features over 25000 designs from top designers – and some are free!

Online font foundry HypeForType features over 25000 designs from top designers, and a whole chunk of those are available for you to download for free. Definitely one to bookmark.

04. Artimasa

Download some beautiful fonts for free over on Artimasa.

Artimasa a 'small lettering and type design studio with big dream'. These guys feature all manner of different type designs, with a few popular designs available for you to download and enjoy for free.

05. The Northern Block

The Northern Block offers a number of free font designs.

Created by creative director Jonathan Hill back in 2006, type foundry The Northern Block offers a number of free fonts. From stencil and bold to modern and geometric designs, you're sure to find something suitable for your project here.

06. Fontcab

Find that perfect font without wasting valuable time

It can be difficult to find that perfect font. Font Cab aims to make it easier for you to find great fonts without wasting time. The simple layout of the website makes it easy to navigate through the fonts without much effort.

07. Free Font Manifesto


What is a free font exactly? Find out here...

A small but growing number of designers and institutions are creating typefaces for the public domain. Free Font Manifesto provides information and airs ideas about the concept of free fonts.

08. Fontellium

Fontellium is a valuable resource for history-tinged free fonts.

Fontellium is rather unique – a font site that brings together a collection of historical style fonts. With categories including everything from Egypta to Art Nouveau, this is the perfect place to find free fonts for your historical projects.

09. Vitaly Friedman’s Font List

Get serious with this list of handy business fonts.

This list of the 20 best free quality fonts from Vitaly Friedman are more likely to be used for official, serious presentations (such as business sites) than a colourful teenager’s homepage.

10. Fonstruct


Find user-generated fonts at Fontstruct.

Fonstruct is a place where the community can design fonts and share them with others for free. Obviously that means there are a lot of fonts to search through, and more are added every day. The sites easy to navigate and the best fonts are picked for the Fonstruct gallery.


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